Paraguayan player receives pots as a prize, the networks are outraged

The Olimpia Player of the Paraguayan women’s soccer championship, Dahiana Bogarín, scored one of the goals with which her team beat Guaraní 1-3 and won, as it were, the recognition as the Most Valuable Player of the match.

The houseware brand Casa Tramontina, sponsor of women’s soccer in that Latin American country, named her the best player of the match, for which she was awarded a set of pots as a prize. However, this outraged some netizens, who saw the gift as a sign of machismo.

Nets explode against Olimpia for gift to player

Soccer player Dahiana Torres from Olimpia de Paraguay poses with the controversial award. Photo: Instagram.

“Wasn’t there a better award? They cannot be more macho. As much as it is a sponsor, pay the girl something, which surely deserves it, “said a user in the comments about the award given to the player. “What a macho and retrograde gift … Give him money instead of those pots,” said another.

Later, the Olimpia player shared a publication in “La Oreja Roja”, in which she announced that the Tramontina brand is a sponsor of the women’s tournament in Paraguay and helps players go abroad and others to fulfill their dream of playing soccer. professional manner in your country.

The footballer did not give it more importance

Paraguay player Dahiana
Dahiana has excelled in soccer with Olimpia. Photo: Club Olimpia of Paraguay.

There were also those who valued the award, stating that they are of good quality, while others indicated that they have been given some pots because the company is dedicated to selling household items. «But if the sponsor is Tramontina, what did they expect? That they give him a cell phone? “, Wrote one user.

Through Instagram, Bogarín assured that this type of detail should not be given so much importance, noting that it is more important to look at the performance of the soccer players on the field. He also explained that he gave the award to his mother, who liked it.

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