Paralympic athlete swims 122 km in lake from Bolivia to Peru and breaks incredible record

A clear example that wanting is power was lived in the Titicaca lake Come in Bolivia and Peru, where a talented Paralympic athlete broke a record and swam 120 kilometers without any security even though he does not have any of his limbs.

The famous French sportsman Théo Curin He became a Latin American legend by completing the journey, which he completed on his own with his team, surprising everyone with his great ability despite his physical limitations.

After he had problems to be able to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games, he decided to break his own mark on Lake Titicaca, which was applauded by thousands of people, since it was the first time someone achieved such a feat.

Paralympic swimmer crosses 122 kilometers from Bolivia to Peru

Théo Curin became an example of overcoming thanks to his feat The athlete never gave up despite the limitations that his illness brought him

In the company of two of his closest colleagues, the French swimmer Théo Curin crossed 122 kilometers from Lake Titicaca in a period of 10 days without using any type of aid, in addition to facing extreme conditions that occurred at the time during their journey.

Armed only with a raft where he slept and ate with his companions María Metella and Matthieu Witvoet, the Paralympic swimmer broke a record by becoming the first person to cross that distance swimming, something that inspired many people, because what he does more incredible his feat is that he is a disabled athlete who lost, who lost his limbs due to illness during his childhood.

Who is Théo Curín?

The athlete never gave up despite the limitations brought by his illness

The French athlete suffered from fulminant meningitis when he was only six years old, something that caused him to his arms and legs were amputated, but although he lost his limbs, he did not lose his dream of becoming a great swimmer and making a difference, something he achieved with his incredible journey between the city of Copacabana in Bolivia to the floating Islands of the Unos in front of the bay of Puno in Peru.

In an interview that the athlete gave to the AFP news outlet, he said that he is very proud of his feat, because despite his talent he has never won anything due to inequalities in his classification, however achieving this feat by crossing Lake Titicaca it made you feel like you finally achieved something, as it is not something that even the most experienced swimmers could have done with all the physical advantages.

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