Paranormal phenomena lived in Martha Higareda’s childhood home

Martha Higareda is still uncomfortable talking about these issues

Photo: Greg Doherty/Getty Images

the mexican actress Martha Higareda confessed a year ago that paranormal phenomena were experienced in the house where she lived as a child that marked his life. These statements were made to the podcast ‘De todo un mucho’ by Yordi Rosado.

Among the phenomena that she and her siblings had to witness is that of a tv that turned on and off by itself. This happened to them while they were all watching TV, she says that she always thought that the situation had been caused by some elves because every time the device was turned on or off, giggles were heard in the background.

Although the house in Villahermosa, Tabasco, made her experience moments of fear, she confesses that he visits the place from time to timewhich no longer belongs to his family, to remember his childhood and where he came from.

apparently in the house those in charge of giving several scares were the goblinsbecause another of Higareda’s stories also has to do with them.

The actress recounted that once he dreamed that some elves had undressed his Barbie dolls and when he woke up he realized that his wrists were bare. He explains that she immediately called her sister to tell her what had happened to her.

She also confesses that she does not like to talk about it because each of those experiences marked her and made her feel very bad and very afraid.

The positive thing is that no matter how traumatic these situations were, the actress currently lives her life very calmly. By December 2021 Higareda had to put up two Christmas trees because she practically lives in two different houses.

One of the houses belongs to her boyfriend Lewis Howes and the other is an apartment she shares with her friend Niky.

The relationship of the actress and Howes gave much to talk about in March of this year. The weather girl Yanet García was also Howes’s girlfriend and ensures that this was unfaithful with the actress.

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