Parents demand the arrest of the teacher who sexually abused their children in Kindergarten in Mexico

Parents and guardians of minors who were sexually assaulted by a teacher at their children’s and grandchildren’s school, demand that the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJEM) release an arrest warrant against the teacher.

The information provided by the police of the municipality of Ecatepec indicates that the suspect, upon learning of the parents’ demands, fled and is a fugitive, Therefore, they ask the school director, Rosaura Taboada, to provide the necessary information to find the whereabouts of the alleged perpetrator.

Also, director Tobada has been accused of covering up the criminal for having a family relationship with him. During these days those affected closed the main streets where the Kindergarten is located in the Vista Hermosa neighborhood of the municipality of Ecatepec as a protest so that their demands are heard.

The protesters threatened to lynch the assailant, whose name is Carlos and they broke into the campus to look for him.

The parents of some children filed a lawsuit before the authorities, after discovering that their children had been abused. The state agency reported that it began an investigation into the alleged crime and noted that: “an arrest warrant has already been requested against the probable perpetrator.”

The municipal authorities commented that there had already been other cases of rape of children in schools. On June 9, parents of students from another Kindergarten denounced the abuse of their children and also filed a lawsuit against the music teacher named Enrique, who has already been arrested by the police.

The Infobae portal shares that the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), Mexico ranks first in the world in child abuse among the member countries. Most cases of sexual violence occur at home, although there are other places such as schools.

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