Paris Hilton to launch new music in 2023 — more details on December 31

Paris Hilton has announced that she has been engaged in the process of creating and recording new music in the studio, and plans to unveil a highly-anticipated single in the coming months.

Paris Hilton has pursued various endeavors throughout her career, including roles as a wealthy heiress with no known profession, a reality television star, and, eventually, a successful businesswoman. In 2023, she will reprise her 2006 persona, which was highly popular among fans, as she strives to achieve her dream of becoming a singer.

After many years of development, Hilton is creating new and previously unreleased material and plans to disclose further information about these endeavors on December 31st.

“I’m back in the recording studio. I have a very exciting announcement that is going to happen on New Year’s Eve, but I can’t say much more yet. But it’s an iconic song.”

Paris Hilton

Although the celebrity has maintained an interest in music in recent years, she has focused more on her work as a DJ. However, her work as a pop star recently gained renewed attention, thanks in part to the inclusion of her song “Stars are Blind” on the soundtrack of the film “Promising Young Woman.”

In the past year and a half, Paris has devoted much of her time and energy to a different project: writing a memoir titled “Paris: The Memoir,” which is set to be released on March 14, 2023.

In an interview with E! News, she stated that reflecting on the many events of her life has been revelatory and that she believes it is essential for people to hear her story and potentially find solace or inspiration. She also remarked that she has always been a private individual but feels that this book is an opportunity to share a side of herself that is largely unknown to the public.

Paris Hilton’s career in music

Paris Hilton is best known for her work as a socialite, television personality, and businesswoman. However, she has also pursued a career in music, releasing her debut album “Paris” in 2006. The album spawned the hit single “Stars Are Blind,” which became a top-five hit in several countries and received widespread radio play.

Hilton has continued to release singles and perform as a DJ in the years since, but she has not released a full-length album since her debut. While she has not achieved the same level of success as a musician in other areas of her career, she has maintained a dedicated fan base and continues to perform and release music.