Parking disagreement escalates into a shooting at Bedford-Stuyvesant Home Depot in Brooklyn leaving two wounded

A man was shot in the back and leg, and a bullet in the head struck his girlfriend following a dispute at Home Depot in Brooklyn.

In a violent altercation at a Brooklyn Home Depot, a dispute over a parking space took a tragic turn. A 26-year-old woman suffered a gunshot wound to the head, while her 35-year-old boyfriend sustained injuries to his back and leg, according to authorities.

The incident unfolded around noon Saturday in the parking area of the Bedford-Stuyvesant store, located at the crossroads of DeKalb and Nostrand Avenue, as per NYPD reports.

Eyewitness Accounts

Witness Stacee Glenn, 40, detailed the terrifying moments. “The guy pulls to the side and starts shooting at them,” Glenn recalled. In the midst of the chaos, she heard the male victim shout, “I gave him the parking spot!”

After the harrowing event, the couple hastily departed the scene in their white Hyundai Sonata. However, they soon halted their vehicle several blocks away at the junction of Nostrand and Myrtle Avenue, desperately seeking assistance. Onlookers described the woman as appearing lifeless and slumped over.

“He stopped and said, ‘My girlfriend and I had been shot!’ I suppose he intended to rush her to a medical facility,” Glenn elaborated.

A Plea for Help

Yadelyn Pena, a 14-year-old who was nearby at the time, provided her perspective on the distressing scene. “I guess he realized it was too late, so he jumped out of the car and called for help,” Pena said. She went on to describe the man’s visible wounds on his leg and back.

Overwhelmed by the situation, Pena remembered asking the man for clarity. “I was like, ‘What’s going on, what’s going on?’ And he said, ‘My girlfriend, look!'” she said. What she saw inside the car was harrowing: “Blood was dripping from her head. I saw her.” The man reportedly told her that the assailant in the parking lot had demanded his parking spot. “I gave it to him, and he started shooting at us!”

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The aftermath was evident: the couple’s car displayed three bullet holes in the driver’s side door. Nearby, a blood-stained brown paper bag from the Home Depot lay on the ground.

Pena called 911, expressing her frustration over the perceived delay in police response. “She looked like she was dead,” he remarked about the female victim.

“I saw her fingers twitch,” Yadelyn added hopefully. “I pray she recovers.”

Comfort in Crisis

Anlly Burgos, 38, Pena’s mother, shared her attempt to provide solace to the injured woman while waiting for authorities. “I held her hand and reassured her that she’d pull through,” she said. The only response from the wounded woman came when the police arrived, and she managed to whisper her name before falling silent.

Burgos described the heart-wrenching state of the boyfriend: “He was utterly devastated. He sobbed, pleading for assistance. Even though he was injured, his primary concern was for her well-being. ‘I got shot in the back and the leg, but please ensure she’s alright.'”

Hospital Update

NYPD has confirmed that both victims were transported to Kings County Hospital. The woman’s condition remains critical. As of now, the identities of the victims have not been disclosed.