Pastor waxes intimate parts of women to receive holy spirit

  • Pastor Blinks waxes intimate parts of women
  • He convinces his ‘sheep’ that only then can they receive the holy spirit
  • Everything happens in the middle of the church and is recorded on video

A really unusual event occurs in a church when the pastor Pastor Blinks convinces his ‘sheep’ that only then can they receive the holy spirit and wax the intimate parts of women, this caused outrage on social networks, everything was recorded on video, of according to information published by the NoticiasRCN news portal.

Throughout the history of mankind, some religious leaders have taken advantage of their leadership and abused the faith of the people to perform reprehensible acts, some have raped, others stolen, but what this pastor did has never been seen and less than the way he proposed it.


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The portal points out that this happened in a church in Ghana, Africa, during a religious service in the temple, which was attended by dozens of people who at one point applauded what the supposed religious did, who had no ’embarrassment’ in doing this unspeakable act to supposedly receive the holy spirit.

So controversial has been the video that circulates on social networks, that it has gone viral and inhabitants of various parts of the world have expressed their annoyance, indignation and hatred, that they cannot believe so much what he does as that women allow me to do them that in front of people and with the argument he gave them.

Pastor waxes private parts IS IT SEXUAL ABUSE?

Holy Spirit
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Some international media have pointed out that this happened months ago, however, they also affirm that this practice continues in various parts of that country, without any authorities reviewing or punishing it, since in social networks they consider it an act of sexual abuse.

So far it is unknown if any of the women who volunteered, filed a lawsuit or complained about what happened, but at least, Internet users ask respect for all women and condemn the action of the pastor who seems to have no remorse.


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At first, you can see how a young woman with a red blouse and a black dress approaches the pastor, a man in a black suit and a white shirt. Then, following his recommendations, the young woman takes off her blue tights.

As he continues to speak to the audience, the woman lifts her skirt, and he holds a rake in his hand. In turn, an assistant approaches with a white towel and a container of water, so that the pubic hairs fall there, before the astonished gaze of the woman. Filed Under: Pastor Shaves Private Parts


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The assistant approaches while the religious continues with his action, then he brings the white towel over and places it under the woman’s intimate part. They both keep their gaze fixed on her, but suddenly the pastor turns to see the people saying “hallelujah” and they all repeat.

However, as much as the man gave his reasons and arguments to justify what he did, the only ones he convinced were his loyal followers, since on social networks they condemned the fact, criticized both him and the women who participated . Filed Under: Pastor Shaves Private Parts


Pastor waxes intimate parts
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Then another woman in a light dress passes by and does the same to her. With the bowl full of water, clean the rake and continue with your leap of faith. But with her, at one point she says “amen” and the audience repeats, then bow down in front of her and give a few words.

The young girl staggers and then the priest bows on his knees, apparently to implore the holy spirit to enter her. Later he would say something and people would applaud him, and he did so with at least three other women, who were ready at all times. STRONG IMAGES, NOT SUITABLE FOR SIMPLE, to see the video click here.


Immediately, people criticized both the religious and those who participate in the church: “Even when the people voting silver with these rats, if they want to be saved and good, do good, plant with people who really need and help the neighbor leaving envy, hatred, resentment and forgive from the heart and you will be happy all your life.

Someone else commented: “That more ignorant women and those shepherds should have jail, justice does not exist for these cases of old patients who take advantage of children, women and the elderly who are also robbed and left on the street because they are people know how to manipulate weak minds ”.


Holy Spirit
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The people did not remain silent and condemned the case in a demanding manner: “This guy is far from being a pastor, he is a full-time morbid, and the faithful who allow themselves to be deceived by a playboy like this, this is a violation of the rights of each person, God never did anything like that with any of his followers. “

“I imagine that they will be sorry to do the cytology that is for health and they are not going to take it, and this man appears with such madness and there they go, without thinking about a disease, because I think that not even new blades will be used for that madness. Is it happening sir? ”, asked a woman.

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