Pati Chapoy and Pedro Sola surprised in a commercial for a streaming service

Pati chapoy and Pedro Sola They are two of the best known people in show business and especially for reporting on all related news. Recently they were the protagonists of a promotional of HBO Max.

Said streaming platform released this afternoon a video that announced that the entire second part of the first season of the series is available most popular gossip of recent years, Gossip girl.

HBO Max shared on their social networks the video where the television hosts have a conversation at a dinner party and suddenly a call comes in to Pedro Sola from Kate (Protagonist of the series) with whom he talks for a few moments and who tells him something mysterious because the driver is seen to be anxious.

The video is titled: “The Mother of All Gossip Revealed! The true masterminds behind Gossip girl. Three new episodes are already available XOXO ”. At the moment the publication has 5 thousand reproductions.

Pedro Sola was intrigued by the supposed call of the promo (Photos: Instagram / @ chapoypati / @ tiopedritosola)

“No, don’t tell me, those little gossip can’t go in the ‘tweet’, that has to go in the ‘feis’. Not better in the ‘insta’. And also Kate so that you can tag those rich people you have as students “the driver said during the call.

Although the conversation with Kate is short-lived, the celebrity shared some humorous moments and made his followers remember his most iconic moments on television such as the day he found a fly in his coffee.

Then the renowned Pati Chapoy appeared on the scene, who checked her cell phone and mentioned: “Well, well, what a lot of gossip. And what we lack. XOXO “, the driver of Windowing.

The followers of the presenters of Aztec TV and the fans of Gossip girl They did not take long to comment and several recognized that the promotional is very good. “I would give everything so that Pati and Pedrito were my great-uncles”, “You know that gossip will be good when they are”, “The best commercial in the world”, “I’m not a fan of the series, but they blew it away with the publicity “,” They are stars “,” Winning as always “,” We love you Pedrito “, among others.

Pati and Pedro
Pati and Pedro received good comments from their followers and fans of the series (Photo: YouTube screenshot)

As expected they presented it in their program Windowing and shared their experiences on the recordings. They showed different images from behind the scenes and mentioned that although they repeated the scenes several times, it was worth it for the result they got.

“It is something that has me very excited because suddenly to be promoting a series of such an important company is very nice and also having done it with Pati is the best”, revealed Pedro Sola.

While Chapoy confessed: “I felt much more nervous than Pedro, I want to tell you that it is a fish in the tank. He was very happy, he did everything exactly as asked, “said the famous.

“It was something out of the ordinary, the truth was neither of us expected it and when we received the call from the very important company, we were the ones surprised and we feel completely flattered because it is not just anything “added Pati.

pati and pedro
The famous drivers shared their experience in their program “Ventaneando” (Photo: Twitter)

Remember that Gossip girl is the new version of an American series, premiered this year on the platform of HBO Max and tried to recreate the world of the original show about some girls in 2007 and as of today the final episodes that complete the first season are available.


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