Pati Chapoy makes it shine again with a majestic Carolina Herrera dress

Pati chapoy The 72-year-old continues to teach how to dress with a lot of poise and elegance, since she came to the Ventaneando program with a pink dress from the Carolina Herrera line with which she unleashed total madness because she looked very good, in addition to her simple makeup.

And it is that for those who do not know, Pati Chapoy has always been a lover of this brand, because it is not the first time that she arrives on the television forum wearing this type of dresses, because on repeated occasions she has come up with various designs which range between 27 thousand and 60 thousand pesos.

Speaking of this design, it was very below the knee with two lines of ruffles, long sleeves and a normal neckline, in addition its bright fuchsia color made the owner of the program stand out as always, as for her sneakers she chose a black tone to make a good contrast.

“What a beautiful dress Paty, and congratulations on one more anniversary of Ventaneando”, “Colima I am your fan Paty, I admire your integrity as a woman, as a journalist, as a driver etc etc, but your good taste or dressing fascinates me. There is a blouse Red that stole my heart …. greetings “,” Hello, the beautiful dress that Paty is wearing is of course Carolina Herrera, what brand is the chain that she is using, “they write in the photo of the famous woman.

For those who already know, this famous woman has caused a total stir for years because of her way of dressing and she tries to choose designs that are either very colorful or that at least highlight her small waist a bit, since her physique is also highly praised. Well, it feeds very well.

And it is that on repeated occasions Pati Chapoy has said that her diet is very healthy, highlighting that she loves to eat soups or seeds avoiding meats, that is why her skin always looks as spectacular as ever.

It is worth mentioning that the host is one of the most recognized journalists in all of Mexico because she has spent several decades dedicating herself to journalism dedicated to the world of entertainment.

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