Pati Chapoy revealed what she looked like when she was 20 years old and was a model

PHOTO: Instagram / @ chapoypati / Twitter / @Alaingitano

The television host, Pati Chapoy, revealed some images of her youth, when he was 20 years old and was a clothing model, which caused the emotion and surprise of his followers on social networks.

Through her Twitter account, the host of Windowing shared a photo that was tweeted by a user. In it you can see a very young Chapoy, although with her characteristic pixie cut and her slim silhouette.

PHOTO: Twitter @ Alaingitano
PHOTO: Twitter @ Alaingitano

“Are you Mrs. Chapoy?“Asked a user of the social network. Faced with the questioning, the presenter answered briefly: “Yes, to my 20 … greetings.” In the post that was titled Latest fashion, Chapoy appears dressed in different models of short pours, with different patterns and colors.

The driver’s followers reacted excitedly to the tweet: “You’re still the same, Pati, very pretty”, “Waaaw! How beautiful ”,“ How beautiful now and before ”,“ Always with a lot of style ”, some of the followers of the famous host wrote in response.

PHOTO: Twitter @ Alaingitano
PHOTO: Twitter @ Alaingitano

Recently, the host who works with Pedro Sola and Daniel Bisogno, caused a stir when she revealed who she planned to leave her place on on the Ajusco television station during an interview with the Golden Scorpion.

In the dynamics of the character, Pati Chapoy spoke about one of the most controversial issues of her career, and it is that outside the corridors of TV Azteca it is speculated that the presenter he is a person who chooses who to work with and who to fire. In this regard, the native of Mexico City denied everything.

pati chapoy
(Photo: Screenshot (Youtube plush in the case)

“No, I don’t run people, for a simple reason, because I do not contractThe only people I suggest who can work with me are hired by Azteca, I make the decision that this Daniel Bisogno, Mónica Castañeada and Ricardo Manjarre, that there are those who are. And in production too, but the contract is made by Azteca and the one who fires is the one who has the command in Azteca, not me. Right now they are carrying my dead body with the driver of To the extreme, Carmen Muñoz, who is on vacation for a few days and they are already publishing that I ran her ”, she explained with a laugh.

Windowing started in 1996 under the production of Carmen Armendáriz and the original cast of conductors was integrated by the own Pati Chapoy, Juan José Origel, Pedro Sola and Martha Figueroa. The former has been at the forefront of the evening program for many years, achieving unrivaled success.

Ventaneando (Photo: Instagram @ventaneandouno)

On this topic, the Golden Scorpion also delved into and questioned Pati Chapoy about how she has maintained herself successfully for so many years and how she has managed to have a privileged position within TV Azteca.

“Well, Windowing It is a program based on research, on the daily report and with the commitment of all to keep the program on the air. This television program has turned out to be an extraordinary business for the company. ANDor I’m not because of my pretty face, or because I do my girl very well, but because obviously I achieved a successful business model for TV Azteca”Stressed the 72-year-old driver.

PHOTO: Instagram / @ chapoypati
PHOTO: Instagram / @ chapoypati

For Pati Chapoy, her program has been fundamental for the growth of the entertainment media in Mexico: “Windowing has become the news agency of shows for allLook thanks to the research that the program does tomorrow you will see it in various media ”.

In another topic, the presenter also revealed the name of who she considered for me to take the baton of the show program when she retires: “Once I made the decision of who could stay and, what’s more, I discussed it with this person, I sat with her: ‘are you up for it?’, well, Do you know who it was? The ‘Choco’ “mentioned the communicator.

Jimena Pérez La Choco and Pati Chapoy
Photos: Instagram @jimenachoco / @chapoypati

In this sense, he pointed out that, although the decision had already been made, Jimena Pérez de Vaca, Better known by this nickname, she had some personal issues that prevented her from fulfilling her promise: “Jimenita, due to a family matter, made the decision to go live in Madrid, but who knows if they make the decision to return to Mexico, they are fine in Madrid, ”added Chapoy.


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