Patient escaped from a psychiatric hospital, fell into the mouth of a crocodile and died

A patient of a psychiatric hospital in Masvingo, Zimbabwe, escaped from the clinic, fell into the mouth of a alligator while crossing the Tugwi River and died. In this regard, I will inform the media of the African country

Two hospital patients escaped on Jan. 22, police said. Clinic staff discovered the leak about ten minutes later during the delivery of medication to the wards and immediately called the police.

The man just wanted to get out of the psychiatric hospital

The man was in the psychiatric hospital in Masvingo, Zimbabwe They speculate that a crocodile ate him

Half an hour after the escape, one of the locals received information that he had seen a man in a hospital gown trying to cross the crocodile-infested river. He added that the predator dragged the man underwater. The police went to the indicated place, found the fugitive’s clothes in the water and began a search for the remains.

The search for the second fugitive also continues, the police suggest that he is at home. It was previously reported that in the Zimbabwean town of Bytebridge, a crocodile tore a man trying to cross the South African border to pieces. According to a relative of the deceased, only his head was found on the shore.

They speculate that a crocodile ate it

According to the person who contacted authorities, they saw the victim being attacked by an alligator. However, when the agents went to the scene, they only managed to recover the hospital clothing from the water. However, the police are still searching for Mutsaru’s remains.

To date, the whereabouts of the other patient are unknown, but according to unconfirmed sources, the man is at home, located in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare.

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