Patricio Parodi appeared in ‘Habacilar’, despite the fact that he swore that he would not continue if that format arrived

Patrick Parody will be part of the new edition of ‘Habacilar’ under the leadership of Johanna San Miguel and Roger del Águila. Together with his EEG colleagues, Facundo González, Patrick ParodyIgnacio Baladán and Jota Benz, the popular ‘Pato’ will be part of the new ‘Pitucos del balcony’.

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However, his entry into the contest program has surprised more than one after his statements when This is War he went on vacation. Well, as Patricio mentioned, he had no plans to step on ‘Habacilar’.

At the end of December, the cameras of ‘You are in All’ approached the warrior to consult him about his continuity on television in case ‘Habacilar’ returns to the screens.

Patricio Parodi declared and confessed that he would be one of the models that would not step on the contest program, since it would be another format to what he is used to.

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We don’t even know what is going to happen, or if another format is coming, as they were announcing it, which was Habacilar with Raúl Romero (…) I believe that if that format were to come, not everyone is going to continue. I include myself there, I am not lying when I tell you that I have not negotiated”, he pointed out at the time.

Through his Instagram account, Patricio Parodi forgot what he said months ago about ‘Habacilar’ and now celebrates his entry into the game show. “Wujuu, new format, new challenges, new opportunities”he wrote next to a photograph in the American studio.


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