Paty Cantú dedicates an emotional message to Shakira after a hard moment with Piqué

No doubt Shakira She is one of the artists who has caused the most inspiration in the world of entertainment and to show the stars who have recently dedicated a moving message to her on social networks, such is the case of the interpreter Paty Cantu.

The Colombian even confessed through the magazine ELLE that several music colleagues have approached him to dedicate words of encouragement to him in the midst of the whirlwind of emotions that he lives after his separation from the footballer Gerard Piquéhis legal mess with the Spanish Treasury and his father’s health problems.

Even after breaking the silence about the breakup with the soccer player and father of her children, the Colombian spoke about her album and the creative process that has led her to retain the recordings of it, something that the Mexican singer Paty Cantu He seemed deeply inspired.

“Thank you for inspiring me,” says Paty Cantú in an emotional message

“Thank you for inspiring me,” says Paty Cantú in an emotional message Here is the complete message from Paty Cantú to Shakira What did Shakira say?

The Colombian interpreter of ‘Congratulations’ and other great successes has received many expressions of affection from the public and colleagues from the artistic world, this after confessing that his state of mind has interfered a lot in the creative process of his next record album.

One of the stars that I commented on in his most recent publication of Instagram it was the mexican Paty Cantuwho despite never having collaborated with her, reiterated the enormous respect he feels for her work and her musical legacy.

“Never in my life have I had the fortune to meet you in person. We have many friends and some collaborations with producers and artists in common. I’m not lucky enough to have you read me, but anyway as a fan I share with you that since I was a child your words and your verses made me feel strong and capable,” he said.

Also Cantu She spoke about the reflection she feels with the Colombian about her growth, and types of challenges that only a bright and strong woman like her has achieved in the entertainment industry.

“I continue to identify with your art and the reflections of a woman I have never met and like so many fans, what I know perfectly is thanks to the frankness of what you share with us,” he reiterated.

Finally, the Mexican interpreter and singer-songwriter closed the message by thanking the Colombian for all her contribution to culture, entertainment and, above all, to her musical bases.

Here is the complete message from Paty Cantú to Shakira. What did Shakira say?

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What did Shakira say?

What did Shakira say?

As we told you at the beginning of this note, the Colombian was honest in an interview recipe about the creative process that has led her to stop several times the completion of her twelfth studio albumWell, apparently when she thinks it’s finished, new ideas always pop into her head because she’s strongly inspired.

In theory the twelfth studio album by Shakira should come out at the end of the year, however specialized sites suggest that it will be the spring of 2023 when the Colombian exclusively releases the long-awaited work.

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