Paty Cantú responded to veto versions on Televisa: “No one has warned me”

Paty Cantú had already participated in “La Voz México” when she was part of Televisa (Photo: Instagram/@patycantu)

After a week of rumors and claims by some journalists, Paty Cantu confessed that she was unaware of Televisa. He already vetoed her from changing the television station and being part of the reality show The Voice Kids that TV Azteca will soon premiere on its main channel.

In an interview for the entertainment program Ventaneando, the singer was questioned about the recent rumor that her followers have made viral on social networks. When questioned, she, also a composer, reacted with laughter, and although later everything became serious, she commented that no one had notified her about her veto:

I don’t know if I’m banned, and I don’t know if I’m banned, ha ha ha. We are at different times, so the joke is to work. The joke is to be cool. No one has told me that I am banned; I did not have any exclusive contract either, but I’m very happy, “said Cantu.

María León is also part of the Televisa veto rumor (Photos: Instagram/@sargentoleon/@patycantu)
María León is also part of the Televisa veto rumor (Photos: Instagram/@sargentoleon/@patycantu)

The creator of musical hits like Fortunately is not you, Chewing Gum, Outstanding Account, assured that the only thing that matters at the moment is his happiness for being again in a program where he can show his talents and more if it is about children as is the case with this version of Mexico‘s voice that at some point the San Ángel television station bought the rights and made it known nationwide.

“Yes, I will be a coach of The Voice Kids. I am happy, I have been a coach in other countries, and I have had the opportunity for my team, well, not the team but the person who has trusted me, to win”, she mentioned.

Paty Cantú also added that the children’s format of the new program Aztec TV is something that excites him a lot because in his entire musical career and on television, he has never worked on something like this: “I am very excited because I have never been a coach in a Voice As children, I have never been a coach in Mexico, so I am very excited.”

2000s Pop Tour - confirmed artists - Paty Cantú
Paty Cantú was born in the United States Photo: Instagram/@patycantu.

Although the composer will be the main judge in Mexico for the first time, as she mentioned, the reality is that she already had a role of that level in The Voice Ecuador in 2016 and shared credits with artists such as Joey Montana, Daniel Betancourt, and Americo. She was the winner of the season.

On social networks, his fans assured that “the courage” he has Televisa with the singer is because when they made known in the country the new format of “musical competition,” they invited her to be part of the support team of the main mentors. During season 3, Paty Cantú was co-coach of the team of David Bisbal, and in season 5 of the team Alejandro Sanz.

Cantú is part of the cover
Cantú is part of the cover “No Discutamos” with Juan Gabriel (Photo: Instagram/@cantufans)

The writer was recognized with the SACM award (Society of Authors and Composers of Mexico) for her “Career and Composition” in 2014 for the song I Prefer to be your lover -a theme that gave María José great success- took advantage of the interview with Pati Chapoy to remember what it was like to work with John Gabriel and about the plan they had in mind:

“It was beautiful living with him. It’s nice to have that song. Let’s not argue– in which people continue to see us together in a video that results from a conversation about many more things than a single. He told me that his favorite song was Chewing Gum, and he said, ” I haven’t talked about this so many times that after we would record a song for an album of mine,” she finished.

Even if Mary Leon has not ruled on the same subject, the fans of both assure that the speculations are true.