Paty Cantú shares the gift her boyfriend gave her for her birthday

Paty Cantu He reached 38 years of life, and is in one of his best moments, with a solid romance, and with a career that continues to rise.

The former member of the duo Lu She shared how happy and cuddled she is celebrating this birthday, which is why she has shared all her gifts through networks.

The famous woman, who has an affair with Ailsinn Derbez’s ex, even showed her the gift her partner gave her, to whom she also already says “I love you.”

What did they give Paty Cantú?

This was the gift that Paty Cantú received The couple was present at the Mexican GP

The famous shared through her official Instagram account a photograph of the bouquet of roses she received from her partner, to whom she put the word “I love you” in capital letters.

The couple is showing off their love in style, in fact, a few days ago they went to the race Formula 1 in Mexico, where they supported Checo Peres.

“Eight sevens together. This time in one of my favorite sports, the @ f1 in @mexicogp! And if a thousand more years await us, or just a second. I thank for you. There and in any context, I love you, ”he said.

Paty Cantú thanked her fans

The couple was present at the Mexican GP

The singer’s fans did not miss the date to celebrate the birth of the famous, and through in your official Twitter account shared a message for her followers, who made her a trend on twitter.

“This if I did not expect it, you always manage to be with me and make me feel special, thank you,” said the singer.

The singer continues to work on new music, she is considered one of the best songwriters in the entire country, and therefore her birthday is more than celebrated and recognized.

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