Paty Cantú talks about her alleged veto on Televisa after joining TV Azteca

The fact that Paty Cantu Y Mary Leon will appear as coaches of the new season of La Voz Kids in Aztec TV caused great alarm in the viewing public, this because years ago they had been part of various projects of Televisa. Later, the rumor began to circulate that the television station he punished them by taking away privileges and vetoing them.

According to statements of the little ladya Twitter account that stands out for leaking information regarding the medium of the Mexican show, the incursion of both singers in the competition was not to the liking of the San Ángel executives, who they ordered not to talk about them or their music in the television programs that they have at their command.

They assure that Televisa took the incursion of both singers into the new season of La Voz Kids as betrayal.

Likewise, it was revealed that the interpreter of ‘Goma de Mascar’ had ended her exclusivity contract and that Televisa hoped to renew it. However, she decided to go with the competition, which caused a total veto. A similar case occurs with Mary Leonwho by said decision missed a monthly payment received from the company.

Paty Cantú does not know if she has been banned from Televisa

In a recent meeting with the press, which Ventaneando resumed in today’s broadcast, the singer pointed out that she is very happy to be one of the reality show’s new coaches and that she was excited because This is the first time it does it in Mexico..

Regarding the issue of her veto, she stated that he is only interested in supporting the talent of children: “I don’t know if I’m banned… No one has told me that I’m banned or anything, I didn’t have any exclusivity contract with anyone, but I’m very happy to be able to support Mexican talent, that’s the beautiful and important thing, supporting the kids”.

Listen to the singer’s statements from minute 38:54.

When does La Voz Kids 2022 start?

TV Azteca has not revealed an exact date for the premiere of the new season of La Voz Kids México. However, it is known that he will be led by Eddy Villard while the coaches will be Paty Cantú, María León, Joss Favela and Mau & Ricky. Don’t stop reading AmericanPost.News to find out fresh information about the Mexican entertainment medium.

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