Paty Navidad created a new Instagram account and was vetoed again

Instagram closed the first account of the famous since July (Photo: Twitter)

Paty Christmas has been one of the few celebrities who was against COVID-19, even so far he still does not believe in said virus although a few months ago got infected in the renowned reality show MasterChef Celebrity. Last July, the famous was banned on platforms such as Instagram and Twitter because it shared dubious information about the pandemic and other controversial issues.

The actress did not want to give up and last Tuesday, December 7, decided to make a new attempt and resumed activities on Instagram. The interpreter of the soap opera For loving without law, tried to maintain a completely different profile and did not verify your account as official.

In fact, before the closure of the account, Paty shared with a follower through a comment that, she hoped that her profile will not be removed: “I wish with my soul that this account was not taken away from me as well. Embrace of light! ”.

Had barely 18 posts the last were a video where he cooked Sinaloa-style ceviche and another post inviting people to donate toys and clothes for the people of the Sierra Tarahumara.

The famous woman hoped that her second account would not be taken away (Photo: Screenshot)

Several netizens began to welcome her back and also made the announcement on different fan accounts of the artist. With the news of its closure in the aforementioned social network, his followers made some comments about it: “But as they already closed it again because I click on the account and it says user not found”, “It was her real account”, “We are going to miss her here”, “We will need her recipes”, “Hopefully another Instagram will be made soon”.

At the moment Paty Navidad has not given any statement as to what happened. It is important to note that last month the famous went to the Radio Awards Y caused a stir for stating that he never had COVID-19 during his participation in the contest.

“The truth is that many things were said that were not the case. I experienced everything from the hospital because I did arrive at the hospital due to an oxygenation problem, but nothing else ”, revealed Paty.

In his meeting with the media, he stressed that the reason why he went to the hospital was because several of his colleagues in the program did present symptoms: “I never had symptoms, except on the 15th. I had a bad time inside the hospital because they gave me liters of steroids and cortisone that still make me very swollen. In addition, they took four or five tubes of blood from me every day, so I came out of there very weak, “he remarked.

The actress starred in an emotional moment during the first broadcast of the show.  (Photo: @ patynavidadd / Instagram)
The actress caused a stir by saying that she never caught Coivid-19 (Photo: @ patynavidadd / Instagram)

He also confessed that she wanted to leave the hospital twice because the doctor warned her that she had double pneumonia and could die but she said it was a lie. “In the first place because I was not to be in intensive care with 25 leads in each case. If I had allowed them to intubate me, without being necessary, possibly I would not be here as has happened to many people, also from my same family, unfortunately, “said the artist.

In the middle of the year, when he still had his first account on Instagram, he wrote that he considers immunization to be “a right, not an obligation”, since on different occasions he has spoken out against the vaccine and explained his reasons for not doing so. Although she stressed that she respects the ideas of each person and those who decide to be vaccinated, she will not do so because it is “An experiment for which no one is responsible”.


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