Paty Navidad creates another account on Instagram and it is closed

On AmericanPost.News We have told you before that the singer and actress Paty Christmas It was very controversial during the coronavirus pandemic, and it was accusing governments of being the guilty of a conspiracy.

Even at this point he still does not believe in the existence of the virus, and continues to promote misinformation.

Despite the fact that Paty Navidad was infected with Coronavirus in full MasterChef recordings, the famous woman refused to believe it.

Paty Christmas is banned from platforms

Paty Navidad created a new Instagram account The famous one claims not to have caught COVID-19

Although the actress and singer does not have an Instagram or Twitter account, she has fan accounts on social networks, who are aware of everything she does, and inform her followers.

The famous one was banned a few months ago from the platforms for sharing doubtful information regarding the pandemic.

That is why the Instagram account Paty Nav Sinaloa, revealed that the actress had already opened a new account, to be closer to her fans.

They close their networks again

The famous woman claims not to have been infected with COVID-19

Before closing his accounts, Navidad shared with a follower that he hoped they would not remove his profile, since his presence in the networks “is very important”, being a public figure.

“I wish with the soul they do not remove this account from me too. Embrace of light!”, The actress wrote before being banned again.

And it is that he would have to admit the existence of the virus, or begin to learn more about the pandemic, to perhaps be able to keep his accounts, but the famous one insists that he did not give coronavirus, but that he had double pneumonia, which caused him to be outside of Masterchef.

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