Paty Navidad denies allegations of involvement with drug lord Arturo Beltrán Leyva in Anabel Hernández’s latest publication

In a statement, the actress and singer took a position on the allegations that have been making the rounds in the world of show business.

The entertainment industry faces yet another controversy with a recent publication by investigative journalist Anabel Hernández. The book dives deep into alleged connections between prominent figures in the arts and the drug trafficking underworld of Mexico. Notably, renowned Mexican actress, singer, and host Ana Patricia Navidad Lara, known as Paty Navidad, has been trapped in this contentious narrative.

In response to the book’s allegations, the organization “Paty Navidad Unidos” was swift to defend the integrity of the actress, boasting a career spanning over three decades in music and entertainment. Their statement reads:

“The integrity and credibility of Patricia Navidad are unquestionable, and the truth will prevail over the attempt to defame and slander and attempt to affect the career of the artist, who has been an honest, transparent, courageous, and upfront person, and who through her actions has shown us what a great human being she is, and her firmness in the face of adversity.”

The statement issued by "Paty Navidad Unidos." (Screenshot: TikTok)
The statement issued by “Paty Navidad Unidos.” (Screenshot: TikTok)

Furthermore, the organization vehemently dismissed the veracity of Hernández’s claims, suggesting ulterior motives behind the book’s release, such as financial gains and publicity. They implored the public and their followers to refrain from promoting or engaging with the book to safeguard Navidad’s privacy.

The alleged encounter

The pages penned by Anabel Hernández draw attention to a specific incident concerning Paty Navidad and Arturo Beltrán Leyva, a notorious drug kingpin. According to the book, Navidad was deceived into performing a private concert for Leyva under the guise of a birthday celebration.


Following her performance, which featured hits like “Cielo Rojo,” she awaited compensation. However, Leyva allegedly attempted to coerce her into a secluded room, promising her payment therein. Once inside, Navidad faced unsolicited advances from the drug lord, with Leyva tying his payment—and additional lavish offers—to her compliance. Despite the pressure, the “La fea más bella” actress firmly declined the money and Leyva’s overtures, leaving the venue without her due payment.

Repercussions and public reaction

Since its publication on September 18, 2023, the revelations in Hernández’s book have sent shockwaves through public discourse. Hernández, known for deep dives into Mexico’s organized crime network, often finds her work lauded and critiqued equally.

Navidad remains steadfast in her denial of any association or rendezvous with Leyva. Amidst the storm, she has found solace in the unwavering support of her fans, family, and friends, who champion her impeccable reputation in the entertainment industry.