Paty Navidad returns with a new account on Instagram

Paty Christmas has been immersed in controversy, due to her statements about the pandemic by Covid-19, now revealed that it returns to Instagram and opens a new account.

In AmericanPost.News We tell you that a few weeks ago Paty Navidad created another account on Instagram and it was closed, however the singer and actress is persevering and tries again.

Paty Navidad closes Instagram

Paty Navidad singled out for her statements regarding the pandemic The singer and actress is one of the finalists of MasterChef

Paty Navidad has faced severe criticism from internet users after expressing her position against the existence of Covid, for which they closed her Instagram and Twitter accounts.

However, during her participation in the cooking reality show MasterChef Celebrity, she was positive for the disease.

From her controversial statements, Paty Navidad opened her social media accounts on several occasions, which were blocked or eliminated as her comments were considered dangerous.

Paty Christmas back to social networks

The singer and actress is one of the finalists of MasterChef

With the user @patricianavidad_oficial, the actress announced that she is back on Instagram and will do so with the help.

The singer also published a video in which she details that it will be another user, identified as Leonardo, who will keep their accounts and be in charge of the interaction with the followers.

“I am here again, closer to you through this new Instagram account @patricianavidad_oficial it is important that you know that you are supporting me directly and hand in hand with @ ldbours05_”

“He also manages this account together with me, and will share information about what I am doing and / or new projects that may arise from work.”

“THANK YOU for accepting and loving me as I am, God take care of you, protect and bless you all, I love you infinitely,” he wrote.

Paty Christmas is one of the finalists in the reality kitchen ‘MasterChef Celebrity‘, where on several occasions he has revealed the difficult situation he experienced in the face of the attacks he received for his controversial comments.

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