Paul Stanley confesses that he was trapped in an elevator during the earthquake

Paul Stanley confesses that he was trapped in an elevator during the earthquake

Once again, Mexico City suffered an earthquake of great magnitude when it marked 7.1, and this left some stars of Mexican television to suffer moments of anguish, such is the case of Paul stanley, host of the program “Hoy”, who had a terrible time in an elevator.

And it is that one of the star presenters of the morning of Televisa, revealed that he was trapped in the elevator during the morning program Hoy that the driver narrated the moments of terror when he remained locked in an elevator for an hour, where his companions highlighted the importance of not using elevators during tremors.

“Scare everyone, I got stuck in the elevator”commented Paul Stanley as his teammates teased him that he shouldn’t have used it at the time.

Raul Araiza questioned the driver; “What are the stairs for?”, to which Stanley only apologized; Nevertheless, Andrea Legarreta explained: “He didn’t grab the elevator during the earthquake, so they don’t think he’s irresponsible. The earthquake caught him in the elevator ”.

For his part, Paco Stanley’s son declared that he was very scared since he did not know what was happening; “The cell phone was not working, you can see that the signal is gone. I thought of all of you and thank God I’m here, but it scares me ”.

Finally, Paul Stanley expressed with his characteristic humor that what worried him were “their children” who were in his apartment, referring to his pets.


Paul Stanley took a moment during one of his programs to confess to people that during his youth he suffered from eating problems, so much so that he assured that he grew up insecure and got to get a “chavito” lipo, that is, around the age of 20 .

During the last broadcast of “Members on Air”, Paco Stanley’s son recounted one of the most difficult moments of his life, since it was a time when he lived with great insecurity, but the most important thing was that this led him to have eating problems, that is, he suffered from bulimia, but he also got liposuction and did a lot of exercise to counteract this insecurity.

“As a kid I did a lipo in my twenties. I grew up insecure, I was bulimic and on the lookout if I lost a lot of weight, I started to do a lot of exercise and I said that I was going to do the lipo, it was like when I was 20 years old “The beloved conductor of “Hoy” began his story.

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