Paulina Goto in a mini dress with a deep side cut was presented at the Amazon Music Universe

Paulina Goto's dress is getting a lot of attention, especially because it looks simply spectacular.

Paulina Goto is in Las Vegas, and her fans will probably see her parade on the red carpet of the Latin Grammy Awards. Before the big event, the Mexican actress appeared at the Amazon Music Universe presentation, sponsored by Rolling Stone en Español, as part of the Latin Grammy Awards.

For this ceremony, Goto decided to wear a daring and shiny mini-dress in “rose gold.” This garment had a long slit on one side, leaving one of her thighs bare. The rest of the look was complemented with high white boots and a sky-blue handbag.

Paulina Goto at Amazon Music Universe - Photo: Mezcalent
Paulina Goto is on the carpet at the Amazon Music Universe presentation / sponsored by Rolling Stone / Foto de Mezcalent.

About Latin Grammy

Mexican singer-songwriter Marco Antonio Solís received the Latin Grammy Person of the Year Award 2022 in a ceremony held Wednesday night in Las Vegas (United States), attended by his family and different personalities of Latin music in different genres, according to EFE.

The gala took place at the Michelob ULTRA Arena a day before the 65th edition of the great Hispanic music festival organized by the Latin Recording Academy. El Buki was flanked by his wife, Cristian Salas, and his daughter, María Solís, in an emotional event that almost brought tears to his eyes at one point and marked the culmination of the professional career of the five-time Latin gramophone winner.