Paulina Goto throws herself from Uber in motion after being in danger

Paulina Goto 30 years old, she got the shock of her life, because she confessed on social networks that the Uber she boarded apparently wanted to hurt her, because she jumped out of the moving car after ignoring her when she wanted to lower the glass, in addition to make sure it doesn’t.

It was on Twitter where Paulina Goto shared with her fans the moments of terror she experienced at that time, as she assures that to feel more comfortable and for safety, she lowers the windows of this transport guy to feel safe due to all the insecurity she has experienced. emerged, but things got out of control.

“I got in the car and rolled down the window (I always do, because it makes me feel safer) and right away the driver put it up and locked it so I couldn’t roll it down. I asked him to let me roll it down again and unlock it, He told me no,” says part of the message from Paulina Goto, who recounted the moment in a notebook to upload it to Twitter and where she says she threw herself out of the moving car.

As expected, the fans were very concerned and asked the Mexican actress not only to report what happened, but also to share the photo of the unit through the application, this so that more users are careful with said unit.

“@[email protected]_Support please take action on the matter. I’m fine GAD but I’m very scared. Guys take good care of yourselves and pay attention when you feel that something is not right,” Paulina Goto wrote on Twitter.

“BUT…. Why do you cover the license plates and the name of the driver? Are you supposed to report and by not doing so he can continue doing that with other girls…. Please put all the info”, “@soypaulinagoto I am a driver of platform it is important that you review the driver’s rating in this case it is very low I imagine that they have rated him poorly for the service I hope support can help you “, write the networks.

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It is worth mentioning that the Mexican actress has been away from the world of soap operas for a while, as she is focused on other projects.