Pavel Antov, Russian billionaire and Putin critic, found dead in Sai International Hotel in India

Pavel Antov, who specialized in sausages, was celebrating his upcoming 66th birthday before he was found dead outside the Sai International Hotel in the Indian city of Rayagada.
  1. Russian tycoon Pavel Antov died in India under mysterious circumstances, three days after his friend died in the same hotel.
  2. Antov, a sausage producer and member of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, had previously criticized the invasion of Ukraine and called the Kremlin’s missile attacks on Kiev terrorism.
  3. The Russian consul in Kolkata stated that there was no “criminal element” surrounding Antov’s death, though the motive is unknown.

In a shocking turn of events, Pavel Antov, a Russian tycoon known for his sausage business, was found deceased outside the Sai International Hotel in the Indian city of Rayagada. This tragedy occurred just three days after the sudden death of Antov’s friend, Vladimir Bidenov, at the same hotel.

Cause of death

Russian state media has indicated that Antov, who was also a politician and member of Vladimir Putin’s United Russia party, fell from the hotel’s third floor window. Police Superintendent Vivekananda Sharma stated that Bidenov suffered a stroke and that Antov was “depressed” following his friend’s death, leading him to also succumb.

Political views and business success

Despite being a founder of sausage producer Vladimir Standard and the highest-earning lawmaker in Russia, according to Russian Forbes, Antov had been vocal in his criticism of Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. On his WhatsApp account, he referred to the Kremlin’s missile attacks on Kiev as terrorism and shared the story of a girl rescued from the rubble of her demolished home. However, Antov later issued an apology, claiming the message was “posted by someone else” and that he was actually “a supporter of the president and the patriot of my country,” adding that he shared the goals of the invasion.

Investigative findings

Although the motive for Antov’s death has yet to be determined, the Russian consul in Kolkata, Alexei Idamkin, has stated that investigators do not see a “criminal element” surrounding the event.

Mysterious deaths plague Russian billionaires

This is just the latest in a string of mysterious deaths involving Russian billionaires since the start of Putin’s war against Ukraine. The circumstances surrounding these tragedies remain shrouded in mystery, leaving many to question what could be behind these sudden and tragic losses.