Peasants Block Highways in Guatemala for the Second Consecutive Day

social organization Peasant Development Committee (Codeca) blocking this Tuesday, for the second consecutive day, more than 17 roads in all Guatemala as a protest measure against the government chaired by Alejandro Giammattei.

“No more corruption. No more looting of our territories. No more privatization of goods and services,” stated this Tuesday the peasant organization (Guatemala) through its communication channels on the ongoing demonstrations.

According to the same entity, the protests are taking place in almost all the 22 departments that make up the Central American country.

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The General Directorate of Protection and Road Safety (Provial) of Guatemala specified that there are 17 highways that are blocked in both directions, including the routes to Mexico and El Salvador, although other routes have already been dissolved.

Unlike Monday, the demonstrations do take place this Tuesday in Guatemala City, in a sector west of the capital of the Central American country.

The protests for Monday and Tuesday had been called on April 22 as part of a national strike organized by Codeca due to the high cost of living, corruption, impunity and Giammattei’s handling of the political situation in the country.

For its part, the Human Rights Ombudsman reported that it is in dialogue with the peasant organization in different parts of the country so that accesses are enabled so that the traffic is not completely stopped.

Codeca’s actions are also in repudiation of the business leadership, brought together in the Coordinating Committee of Agricultural, Commercial, Industrial and Financial Associations (Cacif), according to the entity.

Among the demands of the peasant organization, which brings together more than 200,000 according to its own figures, is a “Plurinational State” and the resignation of the Giammattei government.

Manuel Marroquín, representative of the entity in the department (province) Sololá (west), assured in the demonstration on Tuesday that he cannot stand “the high cost of the basic food basket and fuel” and “there are other demands that the population”.

Codeca had already carried out a similar strike last November for the same reasons and also took to the streets to demonstrate in August 2021 for the removal of anti-corruption prosecutor Juan Francisco Sandoval, fired by the current attorney general and head of the Public Ministry, Consuelo Porras. .

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The attorney general, sanctioned last September by the United States under accusations of “obstructing” justice in Guatemala, is heading for reelection in May for the next four years.

Around 59% of the 18 million inhabitants of the Central American country live in poverty and 20% live in extreme poverty, according to official calculations and international organizations.

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