Pedro alone is labeled a macho for comments against women

Again the driver of Ventaneando, Pedro Sola was involved in a great scandal for his comments against women and this time it was rated as sexist in social networks. What did he say? In AmericanPost.News we tell you all the details.

It was through his Twitter account that the entertainment journalist once again generated controversy by using elements that are blondes and more stereotypes to refer to the women of Mazatlán.

Recall that recently the presenter of TV Azteca was strongly criticized for celebrating that the influencer YosStop was released from prison, he even sent a special message to the youtuber through his social networks.

Pedro Sola is branded as a macho

Driver’s comment. The TV Azteca host has been involved in major scandals.

The scandal began on January 6 when Pedrito shared a message on his Twitter where tor attacked women Sinaloans who drive their cars, as he expressed that no matter how elegant and blonde they are, they are not educated to drive.

“Here in Mazatlán the more blonde and elegant the women are and drive luxury cars or trucks, the more ill-mannered they are to drive, what schools have their parents sent them to? Sure to some where they did not give them civility and civility, “said the presenter.

Sola’s comments did not go unnoticed among Internet users who branded him as sexist, as they pointed out that although it is valid to express a disagreement, the driver fell into machismo by taking gender as elements and that they were blondes.

“Buchonas, they call them, and no, they don’t need to go to school”; “Don’t invent, I thought we were back in the days when women were bullied for driving”; “Bad your comment”; “” He hates the people of the north “; “You seem like a curmudgeon to me. What eagerness to go on vacation and go about getting gutted? ”Were some of the users’ reactions.

How old is Pedrito Sola?

The TV Azteca host has been involved in major scandals.

Pedro Sola Murillo He was born on January 28, 1947 in Veracruz. At 74 years of age, the host of TV Azteca’s Ventaneando has been involved in major scandals such as the shameful moment when Pedrito confused the mayonnaise brands in full live broadcast, as well as by “macho” comments against the women.

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