Pedro Salas, the lead singer of Super Sammy, dies of a heart attack

Echoing tributes reverberate for Salas, as Super Sammy's concert transforms into a memorial for their fallen star.

Several media outlets have been in charge of delivering regrettable news for the red-boned followers of the group Super Sammy. For more than 40 years of their musical career, they have spread joy and romanticism to thousands of hearts in each of their songs.

Today it is regrettable to share the death of one of the members, Pedro Salas, who was the group’s lead singer.

The surprising loss of Pedro Salas has left many of the fans dismayed.

Recently the band announced their presentation for June 17 at the Centro Social De Espectáculos “Los Globos” in Aguascalientes, the band’s homeland.

They would share the stage with Los Caminantes, Los 5 De Negro, and Mario Tovar Y Su Costa Sur to celebrate Father’s Day.

However, the plans took an unexpected turn for the members and the Mexican people, as the event did not occur for strong reasons.

This Sunday, during the first minutes of the event, the sensitive news of the death of Pedro Salas was announced.

The circumstances were a heart attack causing a sudden death where the heart stops beating.

“With a lump in our throat, but grateful for having shared so many good and bad adventures. For so much talent you shared with us, thank you, thank you, thank you. God watch over you and receive you in heaven.”

These are words that can be read on the group’s official website from Aguascalientes, Super Sammy.

Words that confirmed the information, as his colleagues shared that he was full of joy and undoubtedly shared his gratitude for having been part of so many moments together.

Fellow musicians immediately expressed their feelings about what happened, with messages full of strength to the singer’s family.

They have shared on social networks some of their greatest hits in memory of the vocalist, such as “Nuevamente Solo,” “Fascinación,” “Tu Propio Corazón,” “Candilejas,” “Si Tú Te Vas,” among many other hits that launched the Super Sammy to fame.

Songs will continue to be listened to in the memory of Pero Salas.

We join in the grief of Pedro Salas’ daughter, Dulce Salas, lead singer of the Cumbia group, Los Vatos Del Ruspatron.

We also send our condolences and support to the Salas family, who are going through a sad moment.