Pedro Sola attacks the women of Mazatlan and they go over him in networks

Ay, not again Pedrito. The television host known for his extensive career in the TV Azteca entertainment program causes controversy again Windowing, after he launched a uncomfortable message to the women of Mazatlán but they were all over him on social networks.

And is that the famous 74-year-old driver, it seems that he does not get out of a controversy when he is already in another, however, this time it was the Mazatlan women who took an unfortunate comment that users called macho.

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It was through his official Twitter account that Pedro Sola He shared one of his thoughts that perhaps he should have stayed that way and not spread it, since his account is public and may differ from the rest of the Internet users, or even offend a certain sector of the population.

So the entertainment journalist pointed out his dissatisfaction with the way in which the Sinaloans they drive their carsShe even used the term ‘blondes’ to ensure that no one had taught them ‘civility and civility’ in schools.

“Here in Mazatlán the more blonde and elegant women are and they drive luxury cars or trucks, the more ill-mannered they are to drive. What schools have their parents sent them to? Sure to some where they did not give them civility and civility “, lunged Pedro Sola.

Thinking that he would receive the support of his followers, he ended up being ‘backfired’, since ‘hate’ quickly began to rain on social networks, some did show their support for Padrito, however, there were more who railed against him defending the women of Mazatlán.

“Buchonas, they call them, and no, they don’t need to go to school”, “Ay Pedrito, I’m pro ladies but every woman I see behind the wheel is a danger, started by my mother, they are terrible at least in Morelos”Some users wrote in favor of Sola.

But those who came out in defense of the Sinaloans did not want to remind the driver that it was not the first time he had insulted the people of northern Mexico, so they insisted that he better not travel to the State or that he better be stay at home.

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