Pedro Sola criticized Anitta’s dance and made a harsh comment towards her body

Given the driver’s comments, his program partners came out in defense of the singer (Photos: Instagram)

Driver Peter Alone caused controversy again after criticizing the popular dance performed by the singer Anitta during their presentations every time he delights the ears of his fans with his song Wrap.

During the broadcast last Wednesday, March 2, of the Ventaneando program, the also an economist graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) not only criticized Anitta’s dance, but also her body.

It looks like badly curdled jelly”, Sola said when referring to the buttocks of the Brazilian singer. However, the other hosts of the Ajusco television program came out in her defense.

Daniel Bisognowho has married various controversies for criticizing the physical appearance of Chiquis Rivera, highlighted the figure possessed by the interpreter of Jacuzzi. For its part, Patty Chapoy assured that the singer has not had to resort to the scalpel because her beauty is completely naturalas well as saying that something that characterizes Brazilian women is their body.

Pedro Sola spoke about the budget of a European festival and caught the attention of the director of TV Azteca (Photo: Instagram/@tiopedritosola)
Pedro Sola criticized the physical appearance of the Brazilian (Photo: Instagram/@tiopedritosola)

The #AnittaChallenge became very popular in TikTokWell, not only fans of the singer have tried to replicate it, but also the users of said social network have been amazed with the physique of the interpreter Downtown.

The videos where you can see the singer from Rio de Janeiro doing the popular step have exceeded 23 million viewspositioned the Challenge within the trends TikTok. However, the video clip of the theme Wrap already has more than 34 million visits on Youtube.

It is worth mentioning that Miami witnessed the steps with which Anitta has everyone in love TikTokbecause during his participation in the Lo Nuestro Awards 2022made it clear why said choreography is in the trends of social networks.

On the other hand, it is not the first time that Sola has caused controversy for her comments against a woman, since recently had to go out and apologize to the Spanish singer and actress Belindawhom he called “a headache”.

The #AnittaChallenge has positioned itself as a trend in social networks (Photo: REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian)
The #AnittaChallenge has positioned itself as a trend in social networks (Photo: REUTERS/Agustin Marcarian) (AGUSTIN MARCARIAN/)

“Let me tell you that I have affection for her without knowing her. I am definitely convinced that she is a girl, a very complicated artist and very willful, ”said the driver.

Given this, the show host also occupied his voice as a public figure, but with a different reason: apologize to the singer Dying slow.

Now that I see so many things that they say to Belinda, I have felt bad and sad that they attacked her; I regret that I said what I said, ”she expressed.

From your account Twitter the driver added that the also actress She has a long history and should not be reduced to being the interpreter’s ex-partner of regional mexican, Christian Nodal.

Pedro Sola has had to go out and apologize for the comments he has made about Belinda (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)
Pedro Sola has had to go out and apologize for the comments he has made about Belinda (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

“@belindapop is famous, successful, beautiful and for the same media, but I feel that she has been crucified a lot just because, like many, she ended a relationship. She is more than a romanceyou have to admire her for her art, not criticize her for her personal life,” he wrote.

Pedro Sola also regretted that Belinda’s loved ones had to face the harsh comments that the actress has faced, since he stressed that it should not be pleasant for them.

I put myself in the shoes of the parents of @belindapop and I can imagine how they feel when they hear and read so much aggressiveness towards their daughter in the media. If when they talk about one you feel ugly how much and more about the children, ”she said.

Despite this, netizens did not forgive him for his words and went against him.


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