Pedro Sola revealed that he has not been paid for his work as a dubbing actor

The driver revealed that he broke out against the company that he has not paid him to dub a film into Spanish (Photo: Screenshot)

The show host Pedro Sola revealed that has not received any payment after having participated as a voice actor in a kids movie.

During the last broadcast of the program on the Ajusco television station, Windowing, he assured that his participation was carried out for several months, but that the payment has not been reflected in their bank accounts.

“They have not paid me, Since when did I double it and they haven’t paid me“Said the economist graduated from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) who gives life to the character of Van Helsing in Hotel Transilvanya: It would transform, which will premiere on January 14.

According to the driver of Windowing, the company that hired him has argued that the delay in his payment is due to the fact that the tape has repeatedly changed distributors.

Pedro Sola spoke about the budget of a European festival and caught the attention of the director of TV Azteca (Photo: Instagram / @ tiopedritosola)
Pedro Sola said that inflation will affect the amount that they had destined to pay him (Photo: Instagram / @ tiopedritosola)

“That they were going to release it in October but that the distributor, that it changed and that it changed and that it changed ”, added Sola.

He also sent a strong message to those responsible: “Pay me now. Of the 50 pesos that they were going to give me, now it’s going to be 25 due to inflation ”, he concluded, while the main host of the program, Patricia chapoy came to his defense: “Now pay Pedro.”

The declarations of Pedrito They were only given after they commented on the harsh revelations that the actress gave Violet Isfel, with whom the driver of Windowing shared cast in said film.

Through her social networks, the co-star of Dare to dream made a live broadcast where he confessed that was diagnosed with depressionFor a while, she had symptoms such as feeling tired every day, constantly wanting to cry for no reason, and not wanting to do activities that were part of her daily routine.

Violeta Isfel broke down in tears when she confessed that she suffers from depression
Violeta Isfel revealed that she suffers from depression (Photo: Instagram / @vioisfel)

The interpreter of Mavis dracula She explained that she preferred not to make her diagnosis public before, because at that time she was very surprised and it was until now that she made the decision to report it on her Instagram account due to the fact that her treatment Has allowed take up, in part, his life.

“The reality is that I started to feel very strange about a month ago, like not wanting to eat, with want to sleep all the time, with want to cry without knowing why, with a terrible skin irritability. I started to worry a lot, so I spoke to my therapist to ask him what the hell was happening to me, I was checked and diagnosed with depression“Violeta explained at the beginning of her broadcast.

Isfel mentioned that something that prompted her to speak about her diagnosis was how society has developed and adapted to the new normal generated by the health pandemic caused by COVID-19, since, according to her statements, “we did not pause to know how we were feeling emotionally and that is exactly what happened to him ”.

Violeta Isfel broke down in tears when she confessed that she suffers from depression
The actress stressed that her live broadcast was made to support people who need it (Photo: Instagram / @vioisfel)

“Not wanting to bathe, not wanting to get out of bed, I was very sleepy all the time, I had a very particular itch all over my body, an immense urge to cry and I didn’t know why, as I couldn’t see all of them the blessings, plus many changes came in my life”, He commented.

The actress stressed that her live broadcast was made in order for your audience to seek professional help in case they present the same symptoms.


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