Pedro Sola: these are the couples that the Ventaneando driver has had

Pedro Sola is one of the conductors of Windowing that has unleashed the most controversy among Mexican television, and this time he surprised his fans by talking about his love life and the couples with whom he has shared his life, details that in AmericanPost.News we bring you.

And it is that, remember that the driver has generated various comments after revealing data about his private life as well as his youth, specifically about the times he has been in loveHowever, on this occasion he revealed details that until now were unknown.

Previously we let you know that Pati Chapoy and Pedrito surprised in a Gossip Girl commercial, so this time we bring you all the details about the couples that the Ventaneando driver has had.

Who have been Pedro Sola’s partners?

The driver talked about his love life.

It was during an interview for the Escándala program, that the presenter spoke about his love life and revealed that his first partner had it during his time at the university when they were studying economics, however, he pointed out that the relationship was not so good and he even had to go to the psychiatrist because they lived difficult moments.

Another of the driver’s great loves was a soccer player, and despite the fact that he refused to reveal his identity, the famous one confessed that what he liked most about his ex-partner were his feet, because he considered that they were the most beautiful part of his body.

Currently, Pedrito has been in a relationship for almost 20 years with a young man whom he met on the internet and who is 30 years his junior. “We lead a very quiet life despite the age difference. I realized that we old people have a certain charm. I am in love with only one person, but I love people very much ”, revealed the driver in an interview in recent months.

How old is Pedrito Sola?

Pedro Sola Murillo He was born on January 28, 1947 in Veracruz. At 74 years old, the host of TV Azteca’s Ventaneando has been involved in major scandals such as the shameful moment where he confused the mayonnaise brands in full live broadcast.

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