Pedro Sola was branded classist for statements about Edomex: “The misfortune of CDMX”

Pedro Sola spoke about the budget of a European festival and caught the attention of the director of TV Azteca (Photo: Instagram/@tiopedritosola)

the show host Peter Alone was involved in controversy because he pointed out that one of the main “misfortunes” of the country’s capital is adjoining him Mexico state. Given this, hundreds of users of social networks they branded him classist.

It was through his official account Twitter that the driver of windowing assured that the proximity of Edomex harms Mexico City. Given the large amount of criticism it received, Sola decided to remove said publication from her profile, however, netizens were able to save the post.

“For whatever reason I had to come to Perinorte, a shopping center located at the end of the world and today I realized, again, that the misfortune of the CDMX is the proximity and adjoining with the State of Mexico”, wrote the show host during the afternoon of Saturday, January 22.

(Photo: Twitter/@pedrosola)
They branded the driver of Ventaneando as classist (Photo: Twitter/@pedrosola)

So classist, derogatory and irresponsible your comment”, “how bad you read yourself with that expression”, “stop making a fool of yourself”, “has no cure”, “just as you depend on other states”, “here you also have an audience for your program”, “the classism of a man who speaks from his privilegewhich does not allow him to see beyond”, “think before you write”, “the people of this state travel two hours to work to provide their services to the people of CDMX”, are just some of the comments that Pedro Solas received on said social network.

The classism that exists in the country has been a topic addressed by various personalities in the entertainment industrysuch is the case of the actor Tenoch Huertawho has constantly shown the negative comments he has received around this topic.

In his latest publications, the protagonist of Narcos: Mexico has denounced a large number of publications which they wanted to damage their moral integrity.

It is worth mentioning that it is not the first time that Sola has been in controversy for a comment that she has made on social networks. At the beginning of the month, the driver pointed out their disagreement with the way Sinaloans drive their cars.

Tenoch Huerta has positioned himself as one of the main actors in the struggle against racism and classism in the country (Photo: EFE/Press)
Tenoch Huerta has positioned himself as one of the main actors in the struggle against racism and classism in the country (Photo: EFE/Press) (EFEI0499/)

“Here in Mazatlan, while the blonder and more elegant the women are and drive luxury cars or trucks, the more poorly educated they are to drive, what schools have their parents sent them to? Certainly some where they were not given civility and civility, ”he expressed.

Likewise, in mid-2021 the artist traveled to the aforementioned city and criticized the conditions in which the entity’s airport was found.

Everything is so precarious in Mexico that you arrive at an airport in a tourist destination like Mazatlan and they take you off the plane to the middle of the runway and you walk between the parked planes and on a broken pavement to get to the terminal, a sad reality that we live in, ”the driver wrote at the time.

Pedro Sola criticizes women who drive
Pedro Sola criticized the women of Mazatlan who drive (Photo: Twitter @pedrosola)

This caused all kinds of ridicule on the part of the network community and many pointed it out for not knowing the situation in which many places in the country find themselves.

“Can you wait in the US while we get to the first world Don @pedrosola? Serious question: did you realize the precarious situation until now or in PRI or PAN times was it not worth criticizing? “said a tweeter about Pedro Sola’s opinion.


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