Pedro Sola would have made flirty comments to Pablo, Maite Perroni’s cousin

The controversial driver, Pedro Sola has become one of the most controversial presenters of “Selling”, Despite this, he has managed to win the affection of the public thanks to his sincerity and sympathy when responding to the controversy, such as the most recent in which he was caught flirting with Pablo Perroni.

The host of the entertainment program recently revealed some details about their relationship, although he did not speak more about his partner, but he did point out that he has been in a relationship for 20 years. and that it is about a person 30 years younger than him with whom he is very much in love, something that would not have prevented him from launching heated compliments to the actor.

And it is that the magazine TVNotas revealed that Pedrito Sola He has been shown as the number one fan of Pablo Perroni, who has not hesitated to show off his impressive physique on social networks with photos that leave little to the imagination as he poses with little or no clothes, capturing the looks of his followers.

The Instagram account of Pablo Perroni They are in private mode, however, this did not prevent Pati Chapoy’s friend from being discovered while flirting with the actor by throwing compliments and compliments in his publications, some like “Gracious God, angels of heaven …” and “Hairy breasts, wow” are some of the comments that can be read from the driver.

The comments were immediate and although some netizens have indicated that they understand the reaction of Pedrito Sola due to the enviable physique of the actor, others did not hesitate to respond to the driver with messages such as “Now sit down, ma’am” and “We’re going to have a heart attack!”

Sola has not avoided being attacked on social networks for some of her comments, such as one of her most recent messages on Twitter in the framework of the 68th commemoration of the vote of women in Mexico.

“Until seventy years ago women did not vote that, because they were not capable, today the country is a disaster and very few women have participated in this disaster”, wrote Pedro Sola on Twitter receiving strong criticism about it.

Although not everything has been bad for the driver, as his message last September caused a great debate on social networks, although he received the support of his followers on Twitter.

“It is striking that every day there are more adolescent gay men who without prejudice show themselves as they are. I’m happy to be open and hopefully parents understand that it is something they were born with and they should not repress it ”.