Penelope Cruz: How, without knowing English, did you manage to conquer all of Hollywood?

The story of Penelope Cruz it is worthy of being brought to the big screen. The Spanish actress from a very young age was clear that her future was linked to the arts. Ballet classes, modeling, forays into a video clip that would change her life when she was a teenager, to later live a youth adventure with a figure of Spanish music, being the most famous’Almodóvar girl‘until the conquest Hollywood with an Oscar that guaranteed his triumph in the mecca of world cinema.

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No doubt the movies of Pedro Almodovar they woke up the bug of acting in the Spanish. ‘Tie me up‘(1989) was the title that made the head of the young actress explode, who had already made some first steps in acting in a famous Spanish-French co-production The Pink Series where he made a semi-nude remembered, in the days that he was already the couple of Nacho Cano group member “target =” _ blank “>Meccano, who hired her for a music video When I had 14 years.

Seven years later Penelope Cruz he was putting his name on the credits In Tremulous Flesh one of the six films he shot with Pedro Almodovar and that led her to seek new challenges in the North American market. The Spanish decided to travel to The Angels, without knowing anyone in the city of stars and with very few English phrases in his vocabulary.

Penelope Cruz from ‘The Pink Series’ to conquer Hollywood (Photo: EFE)

Pénelope Cruz acknowledges that Salma Hayek was her superhero

Very few know that when he arrived at the airport The Angels, Al was waiting for a Latin colleague, Salma Hayek, who knew that his colleague had no major contacts in Hollywood and decided to host her at home. “We did not know each other personally, we had only spoken on the phone. I came with the proposal to make a movie, and I was only going to be there for two months. But the truth is that I did not know anyone“, Cruz told Ellen Degeneres

She went to meet me at the airport, and she said: ‘You are not going to any hotel. You are going to come to my house, because the beginnings are always difficult, and you are going to feel very alone. ‘ So without hesitation, she installed me in her home. There were days when I slept in his room because I was scared to death, that’s why today I consider her as a sister“Cruz recalled.

With the support of the Mexican, he gained space and got roles with aa Matt Damon in ‘All the Pretty Horses’, with Nicolas Cage in ‘Captain Corelli’s Mandolin ‘, with Tom cruise in ‘Vanilla Sky ‘, with Johnny depp in ‘Blow’ and with Matthew McConaughey in ‘Sahara’. At the same time, he recorded a French-Italian production ‘Non ti mouvere’ (Don’t move) that earned him an award Donattello for the complexity of his character and his great acting.

Penelope Cruz is one of Pedro Almodóvar's muses (PHOTO: EFE)

Penelope Cruz is one of Pedro Almodóvar’s muses (PHOTO: EFE)

In 2008, Penelope Cruz was positioned as one of the most important actresses of her generation not only in Spain, but also in Hollywood, where he accepted a role in a film by Woody Allen, ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona‘put the actress on the cusp of her career, and where she met again with the Spanish actor Javier Barden and they forged a solid relationship that would lead them to the altar years later.

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Did Penelope Cruz marry Javier Barden?

Marriage between Penelope Cruz Y Javier Bardem it was held in 2010 at a secret ceremony in the Bahamas. The couple of actors who met on the set of ‘Ham Ham‘, celebrated the wedding at the house of some friends and the Oscar winner wore a dress John galliano. In ‘Bandits‘(2006) the artist decided to record a movie with her dear friend Salma Hayek in which they told the history of Mexico in the 19th century.

Where was Penelope Cruz born?

Penelope Cruz She is from Alcobendas, Madrid, where the actress trained for nine years in classical ballet at the National Conservatory of Madrid, and took dance classes at the Cristina Rota School.

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz have been married for more than 10 years (Photo: Reuters)

Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz have been married for more than 10 years (Photo: Reuters)

What is the real age of Penelope Cruz?

Penelope Cruz Sanchez came into the world on April 28, 1974. His father was Eduardo Cruz, a car dealer, and his mother is doña María Elena de la Encarnación Sánchez, who worked in a hairdresser. Penelope is the eldest of three siblings, Mónica Cruz, who also dedicated herself to acting, and Eduardo Cruz, who was dedicated to music. On more than one occasion the star commented that the origin of their names is due to the favorite song of their parents, Penelope, by the Spanish singer-songwriter Joan Manuel Serrat.

What are Penelope Cruz’s most popular movies?

The 2009 Oscar-winning actress, is recognized for her roles in Pedro Almodovar’s films, especially the film Return (2006) and Pain and glory (2019). He gained worldwide recognition in 2008 for his appearance in the Woody Allen film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona (2008), and with his special performances in Sahara (2005) and Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (2011).


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