Pennsylvania man sexually assaulted his wedding bridesmaid the day before the ceremony; girlfriend married him anyway

A man in Pennsylvania was found guilty this week of sexually assaulting the bridesmaid at her own wedding at a party to celebrate the link.

Daniel Carney, 30, was convicted of attempted sexual assaultaggravated indecent assault without consent, simple assault, and indecent assault without the consent of others, 69 News reported.

The jury in the Poconos reached a verdict against the man, a resident of Monroe County, after nine hours of deliberation.

The events were reported on August 30, 2019 at the Shawnee Inn resort in Smithfield Township. The 29-year-old bridesmaid was drinking with Carney and other friends to celebrate the wedding.

Security cameras captured the moment when, at one point in the meeting, the man pulled the woman, who was visibly intoxicated, into the men’s locker room area. According to the account given by the victim to the police, his mind went blank, and when he woke up, Carney was fondling her and her bikini top had been removed. Surveillance images show that the victim could not stand.

It was the girlfriend who stopped the aggression when arriving at the place where her future husband and the maid of honor were. The couple got into a physical confrontation when the woman confronted him.

The next day, The maid of honor reported the assault to the police.and this one was charged.

Still, the wedding took place on that date.

The convicted today alleged that he felt used by the victim and accused her of following him into the locker room area.