Pentagon creates office to investigate UFO sightings

Defense officials of USA have announced the launch of a task force to investigate reports of unidentified flying objects (UFO) in restricted airspace. The group will evaluate the objects of interest and “mitigate any associated threats,” the Pentagon.

A highly anticipated military report in June failed to explain dozens of reported UFO sightings and warned of potential national security risks. The new group will be overseen by top military and intelligence leaders.

The Group for the Synchronization of Management and Identification of Airborne Objects “will detect, identify and attribute objects of interest in [el espacio aéreo de uso especial]”Under Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks said Tuesday in a memo to senior Pentagon leaders.

Pentagon narrows the gaps to analyze UFOs

The Pentagon creates an office that will investigate UFO sightings.

His directives include reducing gaps in intelligence detection capabilities, analyzing intelligence and counterintelligence data, and recommending policy in the area. The defense department has said it takes any reports of air raids – identified or unidentified – “very seriously, and investigates each one.”

Tuesday’s statement recognizes the challenges highlighted by a Pentagon report to Congress in June. Lawmakers had demanded the report after the US military reported numerous cases of unidentified objects moving erratically in the sky.

How many UFO reports are there in the United States?

The Pentagon creates an office that will investigate UFO sightings.

He said that of 144 reports made on the phenomena since 2004, they could not explain all but one. While the Pentagon said there were “no clear indications” of any otherworldly activity, it did not rule out the possibility that the objects were extraterrestrial.

At the time, several possible explanations were offered, including advanced technologies from another nation such as China or Russia, natural atmospheric phenomena, such as ice crystals, that could be recorded in radar systems, and “classified developments and programs of US entities.”

The Truth News reports that, the only case identified “with high confidence” was considered a “large deflating balloon.”

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