Pepe Aguilar speaks for the first time about the scandal of his daughter Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau

Pepe Aguilar for the first time gives details of the situation that was experienced with his daughter Ángela Aguilar and Gussy Lau.

Photo: Robyn BECK/AFP/Getty Images

Pepe Aguilar spoke for the first time about the scandal after the leak of private images of his daughter Ángela Aguilar, in which he appeared very close to fellow artist Gussy Lau.

The Mexican singer spoke with Astrid Rivera, for Univision’s ‘Despierta América’, and, among many other topics, they touched on this topic. Rivera asked him if he had been affected in any way by the situation that her daughter Ángela de Ella experienced.

Yes, it affected her more. The life of each person is the life of each person. It affected her more and it hurt me for her, yes… It wasn’t easy for her, it’s an apprenticeship. A life comes to learn”, said Pepe Aguilar and assured that Gussy Lau continues to work with him.

When the images were leaked, Ángela Aguilar faced public opinion with a video posted on her Instagram account: “I feel sad, disappointed. I can’t believe I’m making this video, my soul hurts. Some photos have been circulating with which I have not agreed that they should come out… I feel violated, I feel violated, of the possibility of having my own privacy and being able to decide about my life, my body, my image… It hurts to work so much since I was little for something like this to affect me so much,” she said.

“Your true little angels will always be with you”, “Thank you for raising your voice and being so brave. You do not deserve any of this and as a society we have many things to change. We love you very much and we will be with you always, “So much lack of empathy in this society. I love you with my soul, you are a woman to admire and I will never leave you alone. “How sad and unfair society is in certain situations. Courage”, “No one has the right to interfere in your private life” and “people always want to interfere in privacy and that is annoying”, were part of the messages of support he received from his followers.

Days later the Aguilar family went on a trip to Paris, where Ángela Aguilar dazzled with an elegant outfit very Parisian style.

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