Pepe is exposed to a sanction of up to two years without playing for attacking a rival manager with a kick [Video]

Photo: MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP / AFP / Getty Images

Porto’s defender Pepe faces a disciplinary sanction of up to two years ban in the Portuguese league after the referee’s report during the match against Sporting Lisbon showed that the player attacked the director of international relations Hugo Viana.

The meeting took place last weekend and had a pitched battle that left up to four players expelled, including Pepe. The aggression of the former Real Madrid player would have arisen during the clash.

The problem for the Portuguese is that the code of conduct establishes that any type of aggression against those who represent managerial positions of the teams or the federation could be suspended between two and 24 months.

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The controversy with Pepe it didn’t stop just there because, according to the minutes of the referee, he would have hidden an object that Porto fans launched, to avoid sanctions at the Do Dragao stadium. However, Lisbon players observed the scene and immediately reported the incident to the referee.

The league delegate’s report mentions an aobject that was caught by Pepe on the field of play. The Sporting players realized this and demanded that the central defender show the object to the referee, who kept it. The object was finally handed over by the referee to the league delegate”, reported Portuguese media about the controversy.

Until now, the disciplinary committee has not commented on a possible sanction against Pepe. However, since the defender will have to serve at least two games away when seeing the direct red card in the match.

Watch the full fight between Porto and Sporting here: