Pepillo Origel: This is how Televisa will do so that “Benito” continues in Neighbors after the death of Octavio Ocaña

Mexico. Octavio Ocaña, actor who died at the end of October 2021, will continue to appear in the television series Neighbors with his character “Benito Rivers”, is reported on various news portals.

Televisa had an idea for Ocaña, who was 21 years old on the day of his death, to continue appearing in Neighbors, the series that launched him to fame since he was a child.

The entertainment journalist Juan José Origel has shared on his social networks that he proposed to Televisa that another actor play Benito, but the company responded negatively, since they had a plan to preserve the actor’s legacy.

“The production decided that they are going to say that the boy is going on a trip and the girlfriend will only have contact with him by phone. I think another boy does it, but no, but it will only be fictitious, through messages “, expresses Pepillo Origel.

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Ocaña’s last participation in this comedy project was in season 11, but a new one will be released soon, of which he did not record his scenes, for this reason his presence will be counted on through messages to other characters.

Octavio Ocaña passed away after a police chase in the State of Mexico when he was in his truck. After crashing, he allegedly accidentally shot himself with the pistol he was carrying, authorities reported.

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This version was rejected by Octavio Pérez, Octavio’s father, and in statements to the media in CDMX said that his son was killed by the police, for which he undertook an investigation on his own.

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