Peru government declares Mexican President López Obrador persona non grata following controversial statements

Facing backlash from Peru for his political statements, AMLO stands defiant, viewing persona non grata status as a mark of pride.

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador was named persona non grata by the government of Peru after the Peruvian Congress approved the motion rejecting the Mexican president’s statements on matters related to the internal politics of the South American nation.

Through the Twitter account of the Peruvian Congress, the Foreign Affairs Committee announced that it “approved the motion rejecting the statements of the President of Mexico, Andres Lopez Obrador, and declares him persona non grata”.


Peruvian government representatives pointed out that AMLO’s statements in not recognizing Dina Boluarte as president of Peru constitute a violation of International Law, among other considerations, the Congress said.

AMLO: I am proud to be named non grata

During Monday’s Mañanera at the National Palace, López Obrador questioned whether the Peruvian government had accepted the arrival of 700 soldiers from the US Navy to train the Peruvian Armed Forces. He also asked again for the release of former president Pedro Castillo, who was dismissed from office and imprisoned.

“What should be done in Peru, besides releasing the president (Pedro Castillo) and reinstating him, is to reach an agreement and call for general elections as soon as possible and let the people of Peru decide”.

He also clarified that if the Peruvian congressmen named him persona non grata, far from insulting AMLO, it is a mark of pride: “For me, it is a mark of pride that those who act in this way declare me non grata.”

AMLO was named “persona non grata”. Photo: File

During the period in which Peru dismissed President Castillo until the appointment of Dina Boluarte as the new president, Andres Manuel Lopez has called her on several occasions a “usurper” for not respecting the people’s decision to have voted for him.

Likewise, AMLO indicated in the morning that in case he is declared non-grata, Peruvians should know why. Last week, Peru’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Cecilia Gervasi, issued a message stating that Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is hindering the work of the Pacific Alliance, assuring that “his position shows foolishness.”

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Peru expresses its most categorical rejection to the recent and reiterated interferences, irresponsible and ideologized statements of Mr. Petro of Colombia and Mr. Lopez of Mexico who insist on ignoring the coup d’état perpetrated by former President Pedro Castillo on December 7, 2022, and the legitimate and constitutional succession of the President of the Republic Dina Boluarte Segarra.”

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