Peso Pluma and Elizabeth Torres heat up the Latin AMAS 2023 red carpet with a passionate kiss

Spotted at Latin AMAS 2023, Peso Pluma and Elizabeth Torres turn heads with a romantic kiss, fueling speculation about their budding relationship.

Peso Pluma has become one of the greatest exponents of corridos tumbados, and his popularity has overflowed. Fans followed his every step very closely and captured the moment the singer shared a romantic moment with his”new girlfriend,” the model of the exclusive content platform, Elizabeth Torres.

In American Post News, we let you know that although the singer was captured a few weeks ago with the influencer Jailyne Ojeda visiting the Disney parks, this was only a “publicity strategy,” as she was the model for one of his videos.

However, now the singer surprised everyone by arriving at the Latin AMAS 2023, along with Elizabeth Torres. Although they tried to go unnoticed, they managed to be captured by their fans.

Peso Pluma’s current girlfriend, 2023

Peso Pluma y Elizabeth Torres
Peso Pluma is reportedly premiering his romance with model Elizabeth Torres.

Peso Pluma is having his first romance with model Elizabeth Torres, as they were caught getting out of a van together. Shortly before walking down the red carpet of the Latin AMAS 2023, the singer planted a kiss on the OF celebrity.

The clip, which evidences the romantic moment, was recorded by fans and reporter Nelssie Carrillo, who captured the singer’s arrival, along with his entire team and his new girlfriend.

It should be noted that the singer had already been captured with the model, as she was the one who accompanied him in his participation in Coachella, along with Becky G.

So far, Peso Pluma has not made any statements about his new engagement, and although the model boasted that she attended the Latin AMAS 2023, she did not publish any pictures with the singer.

What is the name of Peso Pluma’s singer?

Peso Pluma
Singer’s real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija

The real name of the singer Peso Pluma is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija. He is originally from Guadalajara and has become famous thanks to his compositions in the genre of corridos tumbados.

The fame of “Peso Pluma” has increased surprisingly in the last few months, and it is speculated that he currently charges up to 2 million pesos per private concert.

And although the singer Peso Pluma has been romantically linked to several models, he has not commented on his personal life so far.