Peso Pluma Crashes Netflix’s Exclusive Halloween Party as Iconic ‘Stranger Things’ Character

Netflix hosts a star-studded Halloween bash where Peso Pluma dresses as his doppelganger, Mike Wheeler.

This year, Netflix pulled out all the stops for its star-studded Halloween bash, featuring a mix of actors, characters, and content from its diverse catalog. Among the invitees was none other than Mexico’s Iñaki Godoy, star of the hit live-action adaptation of ‘One Piece.’

Yet, standing at the entrance, not quite part of the costumed revelry, was Jalisco-born singer Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, better known as Peso Pluma.

The Doorkeepers’ Dilemma

The bouncers were quick to challenge the corridos tumbados singer. “¿Y tu disfraz, wey?” one of them inquired. But Peso Pluma was ready with a swift transformation that would not only gain him entrance but also cement his status at the exclusive Netflix soirée.

A Peso pluma le niegan la entrada a la fiesta de Halloween de Netflix. (Netflix Latinoamérica)
Peso Pluma is denied entry to Netflix’s Halloween party (Netflix Latin America).

Stranger Things Have Happened

For anyone who’s been tuned into popular culture, the resemblance between Peso Pluma and Mike Wheeler from ‘Stranger Things’ is uncanny. Finn Wolfhard, who portrays Mike, has been a subject of constant comparison with Peso Pluma, fueling a steady stream of memes over recent months. Netflix seized this golden opportunity for a crossover, creating an unforgettable Halloween moment.


Peso Pluma Unveils His Costume

“In the video, Nicki Nicole’s alleged boyfriend smiles and says: ‘Now I’m Mike, dogs,’ with all the right characterization,” revealed the official Netflix Latin America social media account. The platform was quick to celebrate this pop-culture collision, announcing: “It became canon! On #NetflixHalloween anything can happen. Peso Pluma already has his costume, now I want to see yours,” and further adding, “Peso Pluma + October: Peso Wheeler.”

Peso Pluma se disfraza de Mike Wheeler de 'Stranger Things'. (Netflix Latinoamérica)
Peso Pluma dresses up as Mike Wheeler from ‘Stranger Things’. (Netflix Latin America)

Social Media Erupts with Praise

The blend of appreciation, humor, and sheer fandom was palpable across social networks. Reactions ranged from “Vengaaa Peso,” and “Amámos,” to assertive statements like “[In the USA] we are going to dress up as Peso Pluma,” and “This is why I pay Netflix.” The successful stunt sparked comments such as “Peso Pluma reviving Netflix” and “I crave that Halloween party,” underscoring the triumphant merging of Netflix’s entertainment worlds.

Whether or not Peso Pluma’s foray into the world of ‘Stranger Things’ will open doors for future collaborations remains to be seen. One thing is for certain: this Netflix Halloween party was one for the books.