Peso Pluma dismisses claim about expensive Spiderman jewelry theft made viral on TikTok

Peso Pluma puts to rest online frenzy, reveals truth behind viral video linked to his coveted Spiderman-themed bling.

The renowned singer of corridos tumbados, Peso Pluma, is in the news again because of a video that went viral on social networks after a TikTok user posted a video claiming that the artist had been the victim of the theft of an expensive piece of jewelry with the figure of Spiderman.

It was through a comment in the same publication that the artist, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, assured that the rumor was completely false and explained the real situation experienced in the video. According to his words, the recording took place in a bar where he was trying to enter his group of companions.

Entertainment journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante shared the singer’s statement on the TV show ‘De Primera Mano.’ The communicator mentioned that Peso Pluma had denied the alleged theft of Spiderman’s chain, ending the rumors generated around this fact.

Also interesting:

The user @mazzapalaraza, who spread the initial rumor of the theft of the millionaire’s jewel, expressed his excitement that Peso Pluma had reacted to his video to deny the incident. Although the singer clarified the situation, the news generated a great stir on social networks, and fans expressed their support for the artist.

And the fact is that the clip worried several people because, apart from the title it had, you can see the interpreter very worried. Fortunately, everything has been cleared up.