Mexican Superstar Peso Pluma Delivers Epic Performance at 2023 Billboard Music Awards Alongside Mike Tyson

The former U.S. boxer is an inspiration for the Mexican who will seek to win five Billboard Music Awards during the night of this Sunday 19th.

Mexican singer Peso Pluma delivered an unforgettable performance at the 2023 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday night. The 24-year-old regional Mexican music sensation took to the stage alongside boxing legend Mike Tyson for a high-energy rendition of his hit song “Rubicon” off his chart-topping album Génesis.

Peso Pluma Brings Down the House with Explosive Performance

Transformed into a boxing ring for the epic collaboration, the Billboard Music Awards stage came alive as Peso Pluma and his band rocked out while Tyson, wearing a robe labeled “The Best Ever,” hyped up the crowd. Fans went wild for the young star, considered the biggest Mexican act in music today, as he passionately belted out his corrido track.

Bringing his A-game alongside the 7-time boxing world champion, Peso Pluma proved why he is one of the most exciting live performers in music right now. His stage presence and vocal delivery were electric, matching the hype of having “Iron Mike” Tyson himself in his corner.

"La Doble P" se ha convertido un un suceso mundial como parte de la oleada de corridos tumbados (Foto AP/Aurea Del Rosario)
“La Doble P” has become a worldwide success as part of the wave of corridos tumbados (Photo AP/Aurea Del Rosario).

Peso Pluma Makes History with Top Latin Song Win

Capping off his show-stopping moment, Peso Pluma was presented with the award for Top Latin Song for his global smash hit “Ella Baila Sola” with Eslabon Armado.

“A big round of applause for the people’s champion, Peso Pluma!” Tyson declared as he handed over the trophy.

In a humble acceptance speech, the singer thanked Tyson, his fans, Billboard, and everyone who has shown him love and support.

Earlier this year, “Ella Baila Sola” made history as the first regional Mexican song to break into the top 5 of Billboard’s all-genre Hot 100 chart. Its unprecedented crossover success has been a game-changer for the genre.

Peso Pluma a Leading Force in Mexican Music’s Global Takeover

The Billboard Music Awards triumph is just the latest achievement in Peso Pluma’s rapid rise to international stardom. With his modern infusion of regional Mexican sounds, the singer-songwriter has become a leading force in bringing Mexican music to a global audience.

His smash album Génesis peaked at No. 3 on the all-genre Billboard 200 chart, the highest placement ever for a Mexican music album. Singles like “Rubicon,” “Lady Gaga,” and “La Bebe” have earned him over 22 entries on the Hot 100 as Mexican regional music explodes in popularity worldwide.

Peso Pluma’s headline-grabbing collaboration with Argentine rapper Bizarrap, “BZRP Music Sessions, Vol. 55,” simultaneously topped Billboard’s Global 200 and Global Excl. US charts in June. He is the first artist ever to concurrently lead both rankings.

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What’s Next for the Mexican Music Phenom

At just 24 years old, Peso Pluma is already a Latin Grammy winner, a 10-time Billboard Latin Music Award winner, and now a Billboard Music Award trophy-holder.

His meteoric success shows no signs of slowing down. The Jalisco native is sure to dominate charts and captivate audiences as he continues bringing unprecedented visibility to Mexican regional music.

With high-profile collaborations and sold-out stadium shows, Peso Pluma is poised to further transcend borders and genres. His powerful Billboard Music Awards performance demonstrates that this rising champion has what it takes to become a legend.

This pivotal moment adds to his growing list of accolades and cements the Mexican superstar’s status as one of today’s most compelling and influential artists to watch.

Mike Tyson Praises Peso Pluma, Recounts Inspiring First Meeting

Mike Tyson delivered glowing praise for his friend and collaborator Peso Pluma in interviews backstage after their show-stopping Billboard Music Awards act.

The former world heavyweight champion boxer recalled their first heartening encounter at one of Tyson’s fights in Las Vegas. A scrawny teenage fan, Peso Pluma, approached Tyson and boldly stated he would perform with him one day.

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“I thought it was just a crazy dream of a kid,” said Tyson. “But he had that hunger in his eyes. I knew if someone with that drive kept at it, he could make it happen. And look at him now!”

Tyson stressed the parallels between the focus and determination required to become a champion boxer and a champion musician.

“It’s not easy getting to the top,” Tyson reflected. “Peso Pluma has that true grit and passion it takes to be the best.”

When asked about what makes the young singer so special, Tyson did not mince words.

“That guy Peso Pluma is the real deal. He’s got a spark – that X-factor. Mark my words, we’re watching the rise of an icon in the making.”

Peso Pluma Opens Up About Unlikely Boxing Origins of Stage Name

In a backstage interview after his show, Peso Pluma shed light on the unlikely pugilistic origins of his stage moniker.

Long before his music career took off, a young Hassan Kabande and his scrawny bandmates were playing a private party when they met Mexican boxing legend, Marco Antonio Barrera. Barrera was the reigning world champion in the featherweight (peso pluma) division.

“We knew it was destiny for us to take that name,” Peso Pluma explained. “Going to a Canelo fight in Guadalajara years later brought it full circle.”

The now-massively successful singer has certainly lived up to his namesake’s fighting spirit. Peso Pluma’s combination of raw talent and relentless drive has propelled him from obscure origins to the upper echelon of music stardom.

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Global Success Affirms Music as a Universal Language

Reflecting on his meteoric rise, Peso Pluma emphasized the incredible power of music to transcend borders and language barriers.

He pinpointed his global smash “Ella Baila Sola” with Eslabon Armado as a game-changing moment in his career.

“It was before and after,” stated Peso Pluma. “When I started seeing my music playing in places like China and Japan where they don’t even speak Spanish, that was really cool.”

“Hearing that people who don’t speak Spanish like the music, that’s the magic of music.”

Peso Pluma’s history-making accomplishments are an affirmation that music indeed represents a universal language. As the singer cements his status as a global superstar, he proudly flies the flag for Mexican music worldwide.

This young chart-topper’s bilingual Billboard Music Awards performance signals Mexico’s unprecedented ascendance in popular music. Peso Pluma has harnessed the power of his craft to break down barriers and unite fans everywhere through song.