Peso Pluma experiences a security breach during his live concert as a fan approaches the singer on the stage

Peso Pluma faces security challenges, assists tackled fan, and cancels shows due to threats from a Mexican cartel.

On Thursday, September 28, the celebrated artist Peso Pluma, best known for his chart-toppers “El Azul” and “Lady Gaga”, experienced a security breach during his live performance. A fan’s seemingly innocuous approach to the stage was swiftly interrupted, bringing the concert and Peso Pluma’s security measures into sharp focus.

In a video that rapidly went viral on various platforms, a moment stands out: as Peso Pluma belts out one of his hits, an individual in a white shirt attempts to approach him. But just moments before reaching the singer, the person is abruptly “tackled” by a security guard, causing a stir among the audience.

The audience member, reeling from the impact, signals that his intentions were peaceful. In a gesture that has since earned him praise, Peso Pluma steps in to assist the fan back to his feet. Despite his intervention, security personnel swiftly ushered the individual away from the spotlight.

The singer had a peculiar reaction. Photo: Special
The singer had a peculiar reaction. Photo: Special

This incident has split the fan base. While many condemned the apparent excessive force used by the guard, others believe that the stringent security measures may be a response to recent threats Peso Pluma has received from organized crime groups.

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Peso Pluma takes precautions during Mexico concerts

Further highlighting security concerns, Peso Pluma recently made the decision to cancel a series of concerts across various cities in Mexico following a threat from the Jalisco Cartel – New Generation.

A statement from the concert organizers confirmed, “The Peso Pluma concerts scheduled in the cities of Tijuana, Culiacán, León, Querétaro, Puebla, and Acapulco are canceled.”

As one of today’s most popular and listened-to artists, Peso Pluma’s safety and the concerns surrounding it have become a topic of widespread discussion and concern among fans and the music industry alike.

The singer is one of the most listened to singers today. Photo: Especial
The singer is one of the most listened-to singers today. Photo: Especial