Peso Pluma is the first artist to sing corridos tumbados at MTV Video Music Awards and conquers Taylor Swift

Peso Pluma debuts at VMAs, while Taylor Swift bags nine awards and enjoys fellow artists' performances in Newark.

The Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey, was filled with the sounds of new and familiar artists on Tuesday night as the MTV Video Music Awards, or VMAs, unfolded. With a blend of surprise performances and unexpected wins, the night was particularly memorable for the Latin community. One standout was the debut of Peso Pluma, the 24-year-old singer who brought regional Mexican music to the international stage.

Peso Pluma’s presence was significant for several reasons. He was nominated for two awards: Latin Artist and Best New Artist. While he didn’t clinch either—losing to Anitta and Ice Spice, respectively—his performance marked a historical moment. Peso Pluma became the first Mexican artist to perform corridos tumbados at the VMAs, a milestone for the genre.

The young artist began his set with a captivating twist. He introduced a string ensemble that played a segment from Vivaldi’s “Otoño,” a movement from “The Four Seasons.” This classical prelude smoothly transitioned into “Lady Gaga,” a track from his latest album, “Genesis.” The blend of traditional and contemporary left the audience in awe.

Peso Pluma met with different artists. IG @vmas
Peso Pluma met with different artists. IG @vmas

Among those moved by Peso Pluma’s performance was none other than Taylor Swift. Videos making the rounds on platforms like Instagram and TikTok show the 33-year-old superstar nodding to the beat of Peso Pluma’s song. An attendee’s clip of this spontaneous moment quickly went viral, further highlighting the reach and impact of the VMAs.

Swift herself was a major highlight of the evening. The “The Man” singer bagged a whopping nine VMAs, making her the artist with the most awards that night. Beyond her personal achievements, Swift was seen reveling in the performances of her peers. Notably, she was spotted grooving to Shakira’s retrospective performance that celebrated the singer’s illustrious career and hits over the years.

The VMAs continue to be a platform where artists, both seasoned and emerging, come together to celebrate music’s universal language. Whether it’s the debut of a new artist like Peso Pluma or the continued dominance of established stars like Taylor Swift, the night proved that music’s power to unite and inspire remains undiminished.