Peso Pluma set to unveil ‘Génesis,’ his new album, amid rising global acclaim

What to expect from 'Génesis', featuring collaborations with notable artists and 10 brand-new tracks from Peso Pluma.

The followers of corridos tumbados or also called “corridos belicos” are in luck because Peso Pluma has already confirmed the release date of his new studio album, as well as the title of the long-awaited record production. A compendium of 14 songs, where most of which are unpublished, is what the world is waiting for with great expectation from the interpreter who, in just a few months, has conquered the music industry and bent all those in it who felt as unattainable as unbeatable.

Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, only 24 years old, is the maximum exponent of a genre that, for now, is somewhat novel but has proven to be to the taste of much of the world. This is no exaggeration, as Peso Pluma has placed several of his singles in Spotify’s Global TOP 50 several times in the top spot, a testament to his connection with audiences from all over the globe.

While he was already able to prove himself as an internationally recognized artist and a favorite of his countrymen, he now has a bigger challenge: releasing his studio album amid his highest peak of success so far.

What is the name of peso pluma’s new album?

Imagen: @_PesoPluma
Image: @_PesoPluma

To many, it might seem that Génesis will be his first studio album. However, Jalisco’s little Emilio already has other productions to his credit that are not considered by many. After composing music with his cousin for several years, the artist released his first album, Disco en Vivo (En Vivo), in 2020. Just a month later, he released Ah y qué? with the record label El Cartel. This was followed by Disco en vivo (En Vivo) Vol. 2, and finally, he released Efectos Secundarios in 2021, from which several singles such as “Mil historias” were released.

So, technically, Génesis will be the fifth album of his short career, but probably the one that will become the most mediatic and the most loved by the public. Peso Pluma proudly announced through his social networks that it will be released through streaming music platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, or Amazon Music, starting next Thursday, June 22.

Who is collaborating on peso pluma’s ‘génesis’?

Imagen: @_PesoPluma
Image: @_PesoPluma

Peso Pluma’s new album will contain many collaborators, as customary with new record productions. Many of them have already worked with the corridos tumbados artist, but it will be their first time for some others.

Of course, all of them are extremely excited to be on board the project, as Jasiel Nuñez expressed through his social networks, where he mentioned the word “pride” to refer to his presence in the album.

In addition to Nuñez, within Génesis, we will hear the voices of Natanael Cano, Eladio Carreón, Junior H, Gabito Ballesteros, Junior, Edgardo Nuñez, Tito Double, and Darey Castro. Many are also exponents of corridos tumbados, so this album promises to be a major success for the genre.

What are the songs on peso pluma’s ‘génesis’?

Imagen: @_PesoPluma
Image: @_PesoPluma

Four of the 14 songs that make up the tracklist are already known, so they can be considered singles. However, there are 10 unreleased works that we can’t wait to hear. The complete list of songs is as follows:

1. “Rosa pastel” ft. Jasiel Nuñez

2. “Luna” ft. Junior H

3. “77″ ft. Eladio Carrion

In the same category:

4. “Rubicon” ft.

5. “Carnal” ft. Natanael Cano

6. Gavilán II” ft. Tito Double P

7. “VVS” ft. Darey Castro, Edgardo Nuñez

8. “Su casa” ft. Luis R Conríquez

9. “Lady Gaga” ft. Gabito Ballesteros, Junior H

10. “Zapata” ft.

11. “LA People” ft. Tito Double P

12. “Nueva Vida” ft.

13. “Lagunas” ft. Jasiel Nuñez

14. “Bye”