Peso Pluma spends $40,000 monthly on opulent Beverly Hills mansion rental

Peso Pluma spends a fortune renting the Beverly Hills mansion every month so he can rub elbows with many Hollywood stars.

In the bustling city of Los Angeles County, California – a playground to celebrities like Paris Hilton, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Katy Perry, and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name but a few – resides the rising Latin star, Peso Pluma.

The Jalisco native has been making waves, not just with his popular singles that are resonating across Latin America, but also with his intriguing personal life. His rumored romance with the Argentine Nicki Nicole has kept him under the media spotlight.

The Zapopán-born singer uses his opulent Beverly Hills mansion as a retreat when he has work commitments or vacation plans in the United States. Although the exact location of this dwelling remains undisclosed for security reasons, some tantalizing details about this luxurious abode have been revealed.

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A grandeur that is hard to miss, the mansion’s white-painted façade encapsulates a two-story building that boasts a range of amenities. It features a dining room, a living room, a barbecue area, a sprawling swimming pool, a gym, and leisure rooms where Peso Pluma can enjoy his downtime.

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But the question on everyone’s lips is – what does it cost Peso Pluma to maintain this level of luxury?

As per journalist Nelssie Carrillo, the acclaimed corridos tumbados artist shells out approximately 40 thousand dollars per month to rent this impressive estate. That translates to about 670 thousand Mexican pesos at the current exchange rate. While the figure might seem astronomical to some, it doesn’t top the list of the most expensive properties in this upscale U.S. neighborhood.

Peso Pluma, whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, is enjoying the fruits of his success in the music industry. With his popularity on a steady rise, he is expected to rake in even more earnings. However, his lavish lifestyle has sparked a debate among his followers on social media.

A critic, who follows journalist Nelssie Carrillo, cautioned, “Not even all the money in the world will be enough for him when he keeps squandering his money, friends, and luxuries will lead him to ruin.”

Contrarily, other fans jumped to his defense. The star of hits such as “Ella baila sola” and “La bebe” was supported by comments that advocated his right to spend his earnings as he pleases: “The financial experts have already arrived in the comments,” one user noted, pointing out the unsolicited financial advice in the thread.