Peso Pluma’s ‘Ella baila sola’ gets a Japanese twist by influencer Hiro Yoshi

Diving into the fusion of cultures, Hiro Yoshi remixes Peso Pluma's global sensation, 'Ella baila sola', making it an anime-esque viral hit in Japan, surpassing 891,300 views.

Peso Pluma already has a Japanese version of “Ella baila sola,” but it sounds like a Belizean anime intro. The corridos tumbados hit is already a success in several countries thanks to Peso Pluma, as it has had great relevance in recent months for its collaboration with Eslabón Armado.

“Ella Baila Sola” is one of the most-played songs on Spotify, and now it already has its Japanese version due to the success it has reached several countries.

Peso Pluma’s magic around regional Mexican music led him to place in Spotify’s ‘Top 50 Global’ list, beating even Miley Cyrus.

He has managed to conquer the world due to his most recent hit, “Ella baila sola,” released on March 17.

Peso Pluma
Peso Pluma (John Locher / AP).

Peso Pluma’s “She Dances Alone” already has its Japanese version, and everyone loves it.

Peso Pluma has been drawing attention with their song “Ella baila sola” since it was released on digital platforms and had been trending on social media.

Thanks to the popularity of Peso Pluma, it has been of great inspiration to create new versions of his acclaimed song.

Such is the case of TikToker Hiro Yoshi, a Japanese influencer based in Mexico, where he shows the best of both cultures in his social networks.

And this time, the content creator shows his millions of followers how to listen to the version of “She Dances Alone” in the Japanese version and pure Belizean style.

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“And here we bring you one more corridazo for all the big-eyed plebada.

They already know it with their buddy “El tamagotchi Perez, the most warlike of Chinaloa”.

Hiro Yoshi

“Ella baila sola” En Japonés 🇯🇵🔥// 🚨Concierto en vivo por Twitch (@hiroyoshii_) de corridos belicones a las 11 pm hora Ciudad de México cáiganle🤠 👾 (Link en mi perfil) 🚨

♬ sonido original – Hiro Yoshii

And this is how the TikToker introduces himself before singing the Peso Pluma song, which translates his name into Japanese.

“Here with my compa Pin Chon Plu Man. This time we bring you corridazo bélico She dances alone in Japanese.”

Hiro Yoshi

TikTok users compare “She dances alone” in Japanese to an anime intro.

Tiktoker Hiro Yoshi caused surprise among several fans of him and Peso Pluma by recreating his Japanese version of the song “Ella baila sola.”

So far, he has received good reviews, and his video, which already has more than 891,300 views, has gone viral.

TikTok users comment that it sounds like a gangsta anime intro, and others comment that this cover should be on Spotify.

Tiktok conversation
TikTok users comment that it sounds like a gangsta anime intro and applaud his new version (Special / Screenshot TikTok)