Peso Pluma’s pre-fame days as a waiter at a Mexican restaurant Doña Alicia

Peso Pluma's inspiring transition from kitchen duties to conquering the Mexican music industry.

Fans are always curious to know what their favorite personalities did before when it didn’t cross their minds to be fully recognized people worldwide. Therefore, here at American Post News, we will tour one of Peso Pluma’s jobs before leaping to fame.

On YouTube, they uploaded an audiovisual where the singer is observed while clarifying that he will share what it is like to work one day as a waiter at “Antojitos Mexicanos Doña Alicia” when he was only 18. Later, he showed parts of his work area, such as a microwave, vegetables, and big cups.

“Hi, I’m Hassan Kabande, and this is my day as a professional. I performed cutting the vegetables and everything in the food area, and I also delivered the food. Here we can see the vegetables, the microwave where we heat the food, and the pots,” he mentions while looking at the camera recording him.

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Before finishing the video, which has been going viral in different parts of the world, the Mexican clarified that the work was to his liking, although he would not like to study gastronomy. However, the interpreter of ‘BYE’ so far has not been pronounced after becoming a source of inspiration for many.

“Who would have thought? Now he is the top 1 in Mexico” “Whether you are a fan or not, and you must admit that this old man knew how to overcome. Now he is at the top,” “Never give up on your dreams, the day you least expect it changes your life completely,” “This boy will one day represent Mexico worldwide,” “Fulfilling your dreams is possible if you have a serious mind,” “Good for him, he knows what it means to work,” “The twists and turns, the best thing is to have patience and work hard,” “How humble, he started from the bottom,” “Now top number one in Mexico,” were some of the reactions that were registered on the YouTube channel.